BuzzLogic Launches Conversational Advertising Dashboard for Brands and Agencies

Tool Provides Transparency, Control and Deep Insights When Targeting Ads in Conversational Media

SAN FRANCISCO – BuzzLogic, the advertising platform and network that enables brands to engage audiences within socially-charged content, launched its Conversational Advertising Dashboard to help make media buying simple across a fragmented landscape. The Dashboard provides brands and agencies transparency, measurement and control in the building and management of conversational ad programs, for the first time providing advertisers campaign visibility and an understanding of how customers respond to advertising messages within social content. Over a dozen brands and agencies are currently participating in the beta program, including 360i, MediaVest, OmnicomMediaGroup and the Organic Trade Association.

“Online media has transformed into a social and interactive experience, and brands are anxious to target messages to the active consumer audiences that are flocking to these platforms,” said Rob Crumpler, the CEO of BuzzLogic. “But conversational marketing is still a new medium for many advertisers, and media without measurement is not a sustainable model. For the first time, we are enabling advertisers to gain insight into and capitalize on the rich conversations that are occurring across the Web through targeted ad placements.”

BuzzLogic’s Conversational Advertising Dashboard gives advertising buyers and planners the tools they need to more effectively target and communicate messages to customer audiences and influence purchase decisions. Advertisers receive transparency into advertising content adjacency, as well as historical posts by publisher to assess conversational tones. As a result of this insight, advertising messages and creative can be customized to reflect the specific content of targeted conversations, driving more relevant campaigns and, ultimately, deeper audience engagement and better ROI.

“Brands want to be where customers are most engaged online and increasingly that’s within conversational media,” said John Donahue, global director of business intelligence analytics, OmnicomMediaGroup. “But, before advertisers can realize the promise of this platform, we need the insight, transparency and control that has been lacking thus far. BuzzLogic’s Conversational Advertising Dashboard is the only tool I’ve seen that makes it easy to understand online conversations as they relate to advertising performance, enabling us to increase the efficacy of campaigns and justify the spend.”

Conversational Advertising Dashboard features include:

* Transparency: Visual and metrics-driven insights provide full campaign transparency, showing which publishers are running the ads and the exact content of conversations in which ads are being placed.
* Social Intelligence: Conversation social graph provides a roadmap to understand the topics being discussed, the size of the conversation, and the publishers connecting around certain topics.
* Performance Insights: Performance data available on a per-conversation basis, allowing advertisers to determine creative performance.
* Campaign Control: Advertisers have complete control around where ads are placed, and can easily select sites for review and potential removal from campaigns.
* Deeper Metrics: In addition to traditional campaign reporting on impressions and clicks, the Dashboard provides metrics within each conversation being targeted, including the IAB social media metrics, measuring conversation size, site relevance, author credibility and content freshness.

Launched in 2008, the BuzzLogic Conversation Ad Targeting Platform identifies credible and relevant conversations around virtually any topic, enabling advertisers to reach engaged audiences while they consume content that speaks to their personal interests. It leverages a hybrid of search, contextual and social graph-targeting to target and serve ads to those identified sites. By mapping the conversational footprint of links, BuzzLogic uses the data to build scalable and focused campaigns that reach audiences engaged in relevant online discussions. BuzzLogic reaches an audience of 33.3 million monthly unique users (comScore, May, 2009).

About BuzzLogic, Inc.

Founded in 2004, BuzzLogic™ is an advertising platform and premium display ad network that connects brands and audiences within socially-charged content. BuzzLogic’s technology identifies relevant and credible conversations around virtually any topic and enables advertisers to target and engage audiences while they consume and share content related to their personal interests. For more information visit and