Glam Media, After Reaching #1 for Women, Starts to Target Male Audiences

Glam Media Launches New Vertical for Men’s Sports; for Men, Owned by Glam Media-Launches an Alternative to Yahoo!’s Male Sports Channel-Creating The #3 Men’s Web Property With Over 30 Million Unique Visitors

Silicon Valley, California and New York, New York – Glam Media, Inc. (, the number one vertical media company for women online and one of the top global display media properties, announced it is now starting to significantly leverage its business model to go after men-launching its first Men’s Sports Channel., owned by Glam Media, has acquired Sportgenic ( of the leading men’s sports vertical media startups based in San Francisco, and has added leading men’s publishers (including SportsFanLive and Bloguin), professional social media authors, and digital video producers.

Today, Glam Media is launching the Vertical “BrashSports,” delivering fans, participants, and social fanatics across all sports. This acquisition expands vertical leadership in Men 18-49 to over 30 million unique visitors in the U.S., making Brash #3 after Yahoo! Sports and ESPN with a massive, passionate, and socially engaged male audience online. Brash has added over 25 new men’s properties-making Brash Media a leader in offering 360° “whole life” solutions for brands looking to surround and engage men online.

“Since our launch in 2005, our mission has been to bring premium brands online-starting with first targeting the ‘Spenders’,” said Samir Arora, chairman and CEO of Glam Media. “Having completely crushed the former leader iVillage with only 35 Million unique visitors in reach vs. Glam’s 85 Million, it is now time to leverage our strength as #1 for Women to go after the Men’s Vertical media business online. The acquisition of Sportgenic and the addition of top men’s content publishers delivers super-passionate, highly engaged audiences with the next generation technology platform.”

Monthly Reach: Unique Visitors

1.    Yahoo! Sports Male Sites            42 Million

2.    ESPN Sites                                 30.5 Million

3. Men Sites                  30 Million

For brands, Brash offers a unique set of solutions that only vertical media can-large scale reach across premium verticals, combined with engaging content by hand-selected publishers, blogs with passionate, loyal, social media followings, and overlaid by advanced targeting technology capabilities using the next generation GlamAdapt.

“Reebok has always been about driving deeper connection with our core audiences,” said Richard Prenderville, Head of Global Brand Marketing at Reebok. “We’re always looking for new ways to become more a part of men’s lives. The Brash acquisition of Sportgenic- creating a powerful combination of reach, content, and audiences-gives us the ability to reach men across all areas of passion, including sports.”

In addition to Sports, Brash is also expanding other Men’s Channels in Entertainment and Lifestyle. As part of the launch of BrashSports, Brash will also be launching the Brash Sports Top 100 Men that have changed the game in Sports on

Brash is now approximately 10% of Glam Media’s business in the US-increasing significantly as a separate and important Vertical.

About Brash Media
Brash Media is a Men-focused web property owned by Glam Media-the pioneer of vertical media that connects the world’s top brand advertisers with targeted audiences online. Glam invented the first commercial Blog Network in 2005 to harness the power of Social Media for Brands. Since then, it has exploded to a reach of 85 million unique monthly visitors in the US and 167 million users globally and is #1 for Women and #8 in Top 100 Web Properties.

Brash Media is #3 after Yahoo! Sports and ESPN in the Top Men’s Channels online. Brash is headquartered in New York City, New York and Silicon Valley, California, with other US offices in Chicago and Los Angeles, and internationally in London, Munich, Hamburg, Berlin and Tokyo.