Brand Interactions on Social Networks – The Social Networking Audience in the US has Reached Critical Mass

DUBLIN – Research and Markets has announced the addition of eMarketer’s new report “Brand Interactions on Social Networks” to their offering.

The social networking audience in the US has reached critical mass. Marketers have been chasing this all-important audience for several years, using banner ads, branded pages, homepage takeovers, targeted text ads and search keyword buys. Whether consumers notice, or care, has been a big question in social media marketing.

The answer is yes, with a catch. Social network users are willing to join branded company pages, comment on marketers posts and share their opinions about products and services. Some ad formats are also showing positive response.

But the issues of how the social networks and marketers use the information they glean about consumers, and how much they guard the privacy and security of social network members, remain unresolved.

Key questions this report answers:

How are consumers using social networks to share information about the brands they like?
Are consumers doing product research on social networks?
Why do people interact with or like brands on social networks?
Are social network users aware of how their personal information is used for marketing? Do they care?

Key Topics Covered:

Executive Summary
Key Questions
The Emarketer View
The Era Of Open Sharing
Social Networks As Research Sources
Why Consumers Make Friends With Brands
Coupons Drive Brand Interactions
The Murky Waters Of Privacy
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