Undertone Introduces PageGrabber

New High Impact Ad Unit Is Available Exclusively Through Undertone

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Undertone® Networks, an online advertising network, announced the addition of PageGrabber™ to its high impact product suite. PageGrabber is an interactive ad unit that takes over the actual web page, using it as the backdrop for the creative in real-time, providing advertisers with a unique and compelling way to engage consumers at scale. This product is available to the United States online ad market for the first time, exclusively with Undertone.

Available through a simple, turnkey execution, PageGrabber is a large, high performance ad unit that increases brand awareness and improves campaign results. The company has a history of serving high impact campaigns that deliver superior results; with Undertone, interaction rates are 88 percent higher and average interaction time is 83 percent higher than the industry standard. Average expanding time is 4X that of the industry standard based on campaign performance benchmarks from DoubleClick1.

Undertone offers PageGrabber in response to strong advertiser and publisher demand for high impact units. Adoption rates for rich media are on the rise, and the online display and rich media advertising market grew 19 percent last year according to eMarketer. Undertone’s high impact advertising revenue grew by more than 156 percent in the last year.

“Bigger ad units drive better performance. Only Undertone can deliver high impact units, like PageGrabber, at scale on some of the web’s best, brand-safe sites,” said Alan Schanzer, Chief Strategy Officer, Undertone. “Most ad networks, exchanges and automated buying technologies, like the demand-side platforms (DSPs), can’t handle rich media expandable units without high default rates. That’s huge,” he added.

PageGrabber is the newest addition to Undertone’s high impact suite. Along with video advertising, other products include half-page ads, full-page ads, synched ads and the homepage channel. The suite combines creative capabilities and quality placements powered by the best technology, all with the reach, targeting and scale of an ad network. The high impact suite is another way that Undertone helps its clients both understand and identify the best online ad strategies in the marketplace.

About Undertone Networks

Undertone Networks, an online advertising network, provides advertisers with quality placements on the web’s best sites. The company carefully selects its media partners and hand-purchases all its inventory, delivering above-the-fold visibility and brand protection for marketers who care where and when their ads run online. The Undertone approach ensures that media buyers and the advertisers they serve can drive successful brand awareness and direct response initiatives with a comprehensive blend of high-impact ad formats, rich media, targeting capabilities and personalized service. The company is based in New York, with fully staffed offices in major U.S. markets.

1 DoubleClick Benchmarks, U.S. DFA Rich Media Campaigns, January 2009 – December 2009