Covatic Joins as Member of IAB UK as It Readies Itself for Further Growth

Covatic, a Techstars backed company, has joined industry association, the IAB UK, as it develops its future-facing product offer

London, UK: Covatic, a fast-growing technology company which empowers media companies by delivering private by design audience segmentation, has joined the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB UK) as it continues to help marketers grapple with a shifting and evolving digital landscape.

This news comes as the start-up scales rapidly, and offers a new way to deal with the challenges for marketers such as Apple’s new ATT rules.

Covatic’s technology  learns about an individual in the background on their device, without ever sharing personal data. It provides key identifiers, all anonymised, which results in a tag that an advertiser can then use to drive value and ensure relevance.

Their AI and all the ‘smart stuff’ lives on the customer’s phone, set top box or other connected device and so too does all of their personal data—and it never leaves. What sets Covatic apart and front and centre of the privacy conversation happening right now is that they  never harvest personal data, don’t use third party tracking data and can only ever see an anonymous temporary profile—nothing linked to an individual or their specific device.

Nick Pinks, CEO of Covatic, explains: “Our membership with the IAB comes at a time when marketers are urgently seeking sustainable solutions to challenges in the marketplace. Our suite of products offer more than a mere hack or workaround, but rather a truly sustainable approach in line with regulation. There is an emerging consensus that we need a new way of doing things. We’ve found a route which represents a viable, long-term solution and, as we join forces with the IAB, we are keen to share this to the wider industry.”

The IAB UK’s Rachel Arch, Head of Partnerships at IAB UK, adds: “It’s great to have Covatic join as members of IAB UK as we work to build a sustainable future for digital advertising. In our fast-moving digital landscape, our focus is on bringing all parts of the digital ad industry together to tackle key challenges, celebrate innovation and prepare for the future. We look forward to working with the team at Covatic as we continue to evolve a more responsible and sustainable digital advertising ecosystem with our members.”

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About Covatic

Covatic creates the tech, data and tools to drive targeted and engaging in-app experiences on mobile devices while maintaining an absolute guarantee of user privacy. Using integrating proprietary technology within a host app, Covatic is able to target users with contextualised, timely messages based on their known behaviours and preferences, ensuring communication is impactful and effective, driving engagement, acquisition and retention.