Goodway Announces GRP Reporting on all Campaigns

By: Jay Friedman, COO of Goodway Group

The leader in broadcast measurement, Nielsen, announced earlier this week it will be offering the ability for advertisers to measure its online media in GRPs, or gross rating points, the primary way in which broadcast media delivery has been measured for decades.  While this service is not yet available from Nielsen, it is coming in the following months.

However, we at Goodway Group unveiled our GRP reporting earlier this week in its complete form and it’s available right now.  Great minds must think alike!  As we’ve enhanced our digital media capabilities our clients have embraced these new technologies but also asked for a way to compare the sheer media weight to its other media.  So, while GRPs certainly don’t tell the whole story of an online campaign, it does provide a media weight comparison in apples to apples format.  Additionally, we don’t just provide pure GRPs but the breakout of reach and frequency so the client knows if the optimal level of each was reached.

For example, we are running a campaign this month for a client in Salt Lake City that has so far generated 166 GRPs at a 63.88% reach and a corresponding 2.59x frequency.  In working with our clients we can consultatively determine whether it’s best to lower reach but increase frequency or vice versa.

And, because we also work so closely with Adometry (a leader in ad verification), we are working with them to build out and develop an audience verification and measurement system which will provide actual TRPs, or targeted rating points.  Doing this we will then be able to provide clients TRP counts within age and gender demo sets with the knowledge and 3rd party verification that we absolutely are hitting the right audience.  Furthermore, we’ll be able to see conversion data against these demographic segments, so we’ll know which segments convert best.  We’re certainly excited about combining this method of measuring delivery with audience optimization!