Flashtalking Makes Intelligent Ads a Reality

Creative and analytics group bring hyper-targeting to online advertising

New York, N.Y. — Flashtalking, the creative and analytics engine, announced today the launch of Intelligent Instant Ads, the latest product in its collection of cutting-edge online advertising technology.

Intelligent Instant Ads allow marketers to execute several variations of an advertisement simultaneously, each fine-tuned according to user behavior and location. The tool can create hundreds, even thousands of ad variants in seconds, and then continually test and optimize each variant according to the categories previously determined by the marketer. This allows brands to create tailor-made messages to highly-segmented audiences in real-time, as well as react instantly to competitor messages, events, and publishing platform variables.

Joe Sabol, the Executive VP of Flashtalking in North America said, “This product allows us to introduce a whole new level of advertising relevance to online marketing in the US. Not only have we automated a way to keep ad content fresh, but we’ve done so in a way that saves marketers and our partner creative agencies traffic time and production costs.”

Intelligent Instant Ads have been in beta testing here in the US on campaigns for Harpo Studios and Sony Pictures Entertainment’s launch of “The Nate Berkus Show” and promotions for their already-popular “The Dr. Oz Show.” Flashtalking’s new platform automatically tweaks the creative according to where a consumer is, what channel the syndicated programs will be playing on and whether to promote an episode for that day, or—if the program has already aired—an episode for the next day.

Marc Klatzko, Managing Director of Creative and Marketing for Maude, the agency behind the content for Nate Berkus’ and Dr. Oz’s shows, commented: “We were originally drawn to Flashtalking’s smart and intuitive approach to reporting and analytics. We stuck with them because their technology services make them excellent creative partners—they are able to flawlessly execute even our most genre-breaking concepts and really make the work shine.”

Flashtalking’s dynamic ad tool is also launching this week throughout Europe, where Intelligent Instant Ads’ ability to localize in multiple languages is expected to be a popular feature, in addition to its ability to test and refine offers according to individual markets. A demo is available at: http://www.flashtalking.com/demo/instantads/

About Flashtalking
Flashtalking (www.flashtalking.com) is an award winning rich media creative engine founded by Paul Cunningham in 2000. It currently boasts offices in the U.K., Germany and the U.S. Through a powerful combination of a proprietary creative platform, elegant workflow, advanced analytics (cross site duplication, path to conversion, search integration, etc.), hands-on full service and decades of rich media experience, Flashtalking delivers exactly what forward-thinking teams need to develop highly effective Global digital campaigns very efficiently. Already a technology partner of major brands such as Nike, Ford, HP and Columbia Tri-Star, the creative online ad agency established offices in Chicago and New York earlier this year. Since then, the company has added Ameriprise, Kellogg’s, FX, and Heinz to its client list, among others.