RingRevenue Drives Mobile Success for Advertisers and Publishers

Ringing up 500% More Mobile Calls; Top Publishers Earning More Than $75K Per Month

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. – RingRevenue, Inc. (www.ringrevenue.com), the leader in call performance marketing, announced record mobile campaign growth, with third quarter call volume up more than 500 percent compared with the first quarter of this year. With conversion rates as high as 47 percent and top mobile publishers generating more than $75,000 per month in pay-per-call revenues, mobile has become a significant channel for high-impact call-based campaigns.

U.S. mobile ad spending will grow nearly 50 percent to more than $1 billion next year, according to eMarketer, setting the stage for continued growth as marketers ramp up mobile efforts to match consumer demand. Morgan Stanley reported this year that the mobile internet is catching on faster than its desktop predecessor, predicting that half of the web browsing in this country will be done on mobile devices by 2014.

That’s good news for pay-per-call advertising, which involves using unique toll-free and local phone numbers in advertising to increase the effectiveness and tracking ability of ad campaigns.

In January 2010, mobile campaigns drove roughly 25 percent of calls on the RingRevenue platform. By September, mobile’s share grew to more than 50 percent. Calls driven from mobile campaigns see impressive conversion rates across a wide variety of vertical segments, including insurance with average conversions of 27 percent, financial services at 12 percent, home services at 34 percent, and education at 15 percent.

“With mobile users accessing the web in greater numbers, it makes sense for advertisers to let consumers connect live when they want to,” said Jason Spievak, CEO of RingRevenue. “Mobile advertising goes hand-in-hand with pay-per-call, as it allows consumers to do what comes naturally on their mobile device – make a phone call. And with nearly 100 percent of us carrying our mobile phones with us all of the time, pay-per-call campaigns make it easy for consumers to respond to an ad regardless of where they see it—on their mobile, online or offline.”

As RingRevenue shared on a mobile panel at the Electronic Retailing Association’s D2C show in September, mobile publishers have a wealth of options to promote their campaigns, including search, display, email, text, social media and apps. Mobile ad networks such as Google’s AdMob and Jumptap are also becoming increasingly popular with advertisers and publishers looking for mobile distribution. With RingRevenue, advertisers and publishers can finally tap the potential of consumers’ growing use of mobile and accurately gauge the performance of their spending on mobile ad networks.

“The mobile device is ever present and always connected,” said Jon Jackson, founder and CEO of Mobile Posse, an application publisher running mobile pay-per-call campaigns through leading affiliate networks powered by RingRevenue. “Those characteristics make it a very attractive marketing channel.”

Mobile Posse’s campaigns deliver thousands of calls per day, with conversion rates as high as 31 percent. Through RingRevenue’s network partners, Mobile Posse enjoys access to hundreds of pay-per-call campaigns, including many recognized brands such as ADT, ServiceMagic and Quicken Loans.

To learn more, or to get started with pay-per-call, visit www.ringrevenue.com.

About RingRevenue, Inc.

RingRevenue improves every marketing campaign with better quality leads, higher conversions and increased ROI. By tapping the power of the phone, RingRevenue’s patent-pending Call Performance Marketing™ platform captures and converts more high-value customers. RingRevenue’s comprehensive tracking and analytics consistently increase revenues from mobile, print and other “offline” media while also improving the performance of online campaigns such as search, email and display. RingRevenue powers many of the leading performance marketing networks and agencies. To learn more about RingRevenue or to request a demo, please visit ringrevenue.com or call 866-943-6426.