AdoTube’s Platform First to Provide Real-Time In-Stream Creative Optimization

AdoTube Platform allows advertisers to revise and/or refresh creative in real-time for peak performance

NEW YORK – AdoTube announced the capabilities of their platform’s creative studio wizard, allowing advertisers to test and optimize creative mid-campaign for maximum in-video effectiveness. While creative optimization in display advertising is not uncommon, given the complex nature of in-video ad serving, AdoTube is the first to offer this ability in-stream.  In executing creative optimizations for clients, AdoTube has found that simple tweaks in creative can, at times, boost ad effectiveness 15-35%. With real-time optimization, this boost can even be achieved in live campaigns.

AdoTube’s best practices involve running multiple in-stream ad formats per campaign allowing for multivariate testing & optimization. AdoTube has identified ways to leverage the power of real-time optimization through fine-tuning creative messaging, interactivity, and overall look & feel across multiple ad streams.

Creative Optimization combines a number of features on the AdoTube Platform into an easy-to-use package that provides the insights necessary for executing creative changes. It uses real-time measurement tools to track not only which creative is working but for whom, where, and when it is most effective. Advertisers can leverage the advanced workflow of the AdoTube Platform and the templates available within the creative studio wizard to allow for fast-paced tweaks in creative, mid-campaign. For larger creative changes, an in-house creative team is on standby for same-day turnaround of new creative.

The tool set gives advertisers the power to:

– Test and re-target advertising creative in real-time based on for whom the advertisement creative is most effective
– Make simple tweaks mid-campaign to creative based on any of AdoTube’s varying creative templates
– Make larger changes in the same day with AdoTube’s in-house standby creative team

“The AdoTube Platform’s Creative Studio Wizard is a further commitment to help our advertisers put forth the best and most effective in-video advertisement,” said Steven Jones, Chief Strategy & Operations Officer. “AdoTube understands how important creative can be for in-video advertisements and believes this will allow for true optimization in delivering the most effective messaging to an advertiser’s target audience.”

About AdoTube

AdoTube is a complete in-stream/in-video solution that enables each part of the industry (agencies, advertisers and publishers) to have easy and efficient access to in-stream ads. AdoTube’s platform includes the Adotube Ad Network, Publisher Management Tool (PUMA), In-Stream Ad Exchange (AdEx), Network Partner Console for third party networks, and Creative Services. AdoTube’s complete platform helps each part of the industry to deliver high-quality, in-stream advertising solutions through a quick, easy and cost efficient platform.    AdoTube is headquartered in New York, with offices in California and Europe. To learn more about AdoTube, become a partner, or see their solutions for agencies, advertisers, publishers and ad networks, visit