Exponential Acquires AdoTube, A Leading Provider of In-Stream Video Ad Solutions

Emeryville, CA – Exponential Interactive Inc., the owner of global online advertising provider Tribal Fusion and engagement video solution Firefly Video, today announced it has  completed the acquisition of AdoTube, a centralized end-to-end digital video solution offering publishers and advertisers easy and efficient access to proprietary in-stream video advertising, including Polite Pre-Roll®, In-Stream Skins, Takeovers, and Interactive Overlays.

This strategic acquisition brings additional scale to the video advertising opportunities available from Exponential®, which already include Firefly Video. With the combined market share of AdoTube and Firefly Video, Exponential is now one of the largest global video providers. While Firefly Video offers a cost-per-engagement model that leverages Tribal Fusion’s global display inventory, consisting of the second largest worldwide global reach of 453 million, AdoTube offers advertisers innovative video solutions that leverage in-stream video inventory.

Exponential will operate AdoTube as an independent entity. AdoTube will leverage Exponential’s global footprint, which consists of 33 locations across 23 countries and will immediately expand its presence globally from just the United States. AdoTube will also apply Tribal Fusion’s advanced audience platform, consisting of data, targeting, optimization, and audience insights to its in-stream video solution, making it the most advanced video offering in the market.

AdoTube, based in New York City, was founded by Leo Grzhonko and Constantine Goltsev in 2007 who partnered with Josh Winograd and Steven Jones to join in leading the executive team. AdoTube offers a variety of innovative in-stream video formats that move beyond simple insertion of TV ads into video content, and allow users to engage, interact and provide feedback within the video ad unit.  AdoTube’s Polite Pre-Roll is the least intrusive In-Stream video ad unit, allowing users to skip ads and where advertisers only pay for completed views. Publishers also benefit from the Polite Pre-Roll format, as users are less likely to leave their site due to being forced to watch in-stream ads.

“We are big believers in the potential of online video advertising and this acquisition accelerates our growth in the rapidly growing online video space,” says Dilip DaSilva, Exponential Interactive’s CEO. “In-Stream video ad serving is very much in its infancy, but by combining the advanced data, targeting, optimization, and insights available in the more mature display space with AdoTube’s innovative and interactive video solutions, we feel we can offer advertisers online video solutions that leverage the best of online advertising and engage users in a much deeper way than simply inserting TV ads into online video content.”

“This is a great transaction for all stakeholders as this relationship provides AdoTube with access to Exponential’s extensive global foot-print and advanced audience platform,” says Constantine Goltsev, AdoTube’s CEO.  “Impactful advertising is about using creativity to engage users and leave a lasting and effective impression. The AdoTube platform lets advertisers augment their TV ads with interactive elements to create engaging ads. Combining this with an advanced audience platform, lets advertisers engage specifically with their most desirable target audience.”

AdoTube™ (http://adotube.com) is the leading global in-stream advertising technology company. AdoTube’s powerful and flexible technology provides a centralized end-to-end digital video solution offering publishers and advertisers easy and efficient access to in-stream video advertising across all media platforms.  An early pioneer, AdoTube spearheaded the Polite Pre-Roll® and has continually spurred innovation in the online video ecosystem. With its sophisticated and comprehensive video ad management platform combined with a full service video ad network, and third party media measurement system, AdoTube is simplifying the complex world of digital video for publishers and marketers, while delivering engaging experiences for consumers.

Exponential Interactive Inc (http://www.exponential.com) the parent company of Tribal Fusion and FireFly Video, is a technology-enabled media company that delivers innovative products and services to meet the demands of today’s digital advertisers. Through a variety of offerings, the Exponential group of businesses enables online advertisers to reach their target audiences from around the globe to across town.

From premium publishers and CPM advertisers to performance marketing and highly engaging video solutions, Exponential delivers results for online advertisers. Each of its businesses – Tribal Fusion®, Firefly Video™, FullTango® LeadGenuity® and EchoTopic® – brings state of the art optimization technology, media services and years of experience in representing publishers and delivering highly successful campaigns for our advertising clients.