BlueKai and Efficient Frontier Partner to Extend Keyword-Based Targeting Beyond Search Engines

Beta keyword targeting capability offered through BlueKai Intent™, the largest aggregation of in-market shoppers and keyword searchers on the Internet

SEATTLE – BlueKai, the world’s largest data auction marketplace for all audience data and online marketing’s largest source of user intent data, announced a partnership with Efficient Frontier, a leading global performance marketing company with an integrated optimization platform across search, display and social.  Under the agreement, Efficient Frontier will participate in a beta program where client keyword lists will be submitted to BlueKai and matched against intent data segments.  Efficient Frontier will then use this set of intent data to drive targeting for display advertising against the qualified audience.  Buying BlueKai Intent™ by keywords will enable search marketers to identify in-market audiences – defined by existing search keyword lists – and reach them outside the walls of search engines with any media partner and at significant scale.

“This new keyword based intent offering from BlueKai will give us a simple and effective way to reach consumers with display ads using relevant search data,” says David Karnstedt, President and CEO of Efficient Frontier.  “BlueKai data has always been associated with high quality in-market shoppers and we are excited to partner with them to help our clients take the depth, accuracy and successes of keyword targeting and apply it to the world of display.”

BlueKai Intent™ is the largest source of audience data revealing auto, retail, travel and financial intenders at scale. BlueKai provides access to 160 million unique consumers who are ready to buy, by aggregating real-time in-market actions such as product comparison, loan calculations, auto configuration and keyword searches on vertical and commercial sites.  By processing billions of data points daily, BlueKai has classified hundreds of thousands of keywords into organized, hierarchical categories and offered intent data to advertisers at large scale. This has enabled the display and video ecosystem to unleash unprecedented targeting capabilities.  Through the Beta program, marketers can now access these behaviors through keyword lists that reach beyond the walls of search engines.  Efficient Frontier is the first of beta participants to make this new offering available to select search marketing clients.

“It’s indisputable that intent data drives performance and keyword search is a clear indicator of someone’s intent to purchase.  That’s why we’re taking that additional step by making it easy for a marketer to use their well crafted keyword lists in their display buys,” says Omar Tawakol, CEO of BlueKai.  “This really starts to break down the wall between search and display and we’re excited to partner with Efficient Frontier, a market leader in search and now display and social media advertising, to bring this innovative capability to their clients.”

With BlueKai Intent™, search marketers can utilize their existing search keyword lists and create a BlueKai data audience based on those keywords.  BlueKai’s data-centric approach gives advertisers the flexibility to transport their search intelligence and reach their audience across their preferred media partners.  Furthermore, BlueKai analytics provide valuable intelligence on additional in-market attributes on any search audience; giving marketers actionable data segments for audience.

At the center of the digital data economy, BlueKai ( created the world’s largest data auction marketplace for all audience data.  BlueKai aggregates valuable shopping and research activities across the Internet to build the largest source of intent data on over 160M shoppers across 7 key verticals including auto, travel, finance and retail.  BlueKai now sees 200 million unique consumers each month and manages over 750 million data events per day.  In strategic partnerships with top data aggregators, the BlueKai Exchange collectively offers over 30,000 data attributes across in-market, demographic, geographic, lifestyle, and B2B categories to increase performance and scale for direct response and branding campaigns.

BlueKai is designed with consumer transparency and control in mind. The BlueKai Registry enables consumers to see what marketers know about them, edit their online preferences and gain rewards in charitable donations. The privately-held company is based in Bellevue, WA and is a recipient of the AlwaysOn 2009 OnMedia 100 award as a Technology Innovator in Advertising.