Flashtalking Introduces Web Capture Technology

Newest product offers immersive brand experience with site integration

New York, N.Y. — Creative and analytics engine, Flashtalking, announced the official launch of its Web Capture technology in the US. The product takes real-time images of a site’s home page and uses them as part of an advertisement’s creative execution, providing a high-impact, large-scale interactive experience for consumers.

Web Capture premiered with the MTV’s campaign to promote September’s Video Music Awards. Among the online portals working with this next-level rich media creative technology for the VMA campaign are TMZ.com, OKMagazine.com, Celebuzz.com and Buzznet.com, among others. Flashtalking’s product is also the technology behind Undertone Networks’ new PageGrabber™, the latest offering in the company’s ad-serving collection.

“This is the next step in making US online advertising a more creative, engaging experience for consumers,” said Joe Sabol, the Executive VP of Flashtalking in North America. “Our European counterparts are miles ahead of us in terms of groundbreaking executions that take viewers on a journey. There’s no reason why the US can’t also be rewriting the rules for how consumers interact with advertising online.”

Marc Klatzko, Managing Director of Creative and Marketing for Maude, the agency behind the content for MTV’s Video Music Awards, commented: “We were originally drawn to Flashtalking’s smart and intuitive approach to reporting and analytics. We stuck with them because their technology services make them excellent creative partners—they are able to flawlessly execute even our most genre-breaking concepts and really make the work shine.”

Flashtalking has been using similar executions throughout Europe for some time with high-impact results. With the introduction of web capture technology in US, Flashtalking is leading the charge with US publishers to marry these types of executions with the enormous amounts of data feuling the US markets. Examples can be found at: http://www.flashtalking.net/view/demo/7624/1/?563719  and http://www.flashtalking.com/showcase/Times_Takeover/

About Flashtalking
Flashtalking (www.flashtalking.com) is an award winning rich media creative engine founded by Paul Cunningham in 2000. It currently boasts offices in the U.K., Germany and the U.S. Through a powerful combination of a proprietary creative platform, elegant workflow, advanced analytics (cross site duplication, path to conversion, search integration, etc.), hands-on full service and decades of rich media experience, Flashtalking delivers exactly what forward-thinking teams need to develop highly effective Global digital campaigns very efficiently. Already a technology partner of major brands such as Nike, Ford, HP and Columbia Tri-Star, the creative online ad agency established offices in Chicago and New York earlier this year. Since then, the company has added Ameriprise, Kellogg’s, FX, and Heinz to its client list, among others.