eBureau Launches Audience Targeting Solution for Brand and Performance Marketers

Custom Audiences Deliver New Level of Targeting Precision to Online Display Advertising

NEW YORK – eBureau, a leader in predictive analytics for performance marketers and digital advertisers, announced the availability of its newest solution, Audience Targeting. This new solution leverages the company’s predictive analytics to create Custom Audiences for any advertiser who wants to reach their ideal audience across digital media channels. Media buyers are constantly challenged by the proliferation of fragmented ad targeting data options. eBureau’s Audience Targeting solution eliminates the time and cost hassles that advertisers face when attempting to build their desired audience for advertising campaigns. Rather than cobbling together disparate data elements, eBureau aggregates and analyzes massive amounts of verified consumer profile data from dozens of offline data sources—the “who” data—to define an advertiser’s ideal audience with unprecedented precision. Building a Custom Audience has helped eBureau clients reduce wasted impressions by as much as 90%.

eBureau simplifies the process of building the most precise and portable audiences, enabling clients to engage with a Custom Audience on nearly any ad network, demand side platform (DSP) or trading desk. Unlike clusters or prebuilt audiences, eBureau’s Custom Audiences are created specifically with the advertiser’s ideal customers or new prospects in mind. To build a Custom Audience, eBureau receives first-party data from the client, such as input from historical performance data, customer lists or demographic and/or psychographic criteria. Powered by its predictive analytics platform, eBureau mines massive amounts of offline data—more than 50,000 attributes per record—and determines the specific 150-200 predictive factors used to identify how well they fit the advertiser’s criteria. eBureau distills these data points into a single, easy to use 0-9 score, which becomes the custom targeting attribute that advertisers use to purchase media against their Custom Audiences and target them on a broad scale across a multitude of inventory sources at scale.

“eBureau has proven that predictive analytics is a game changer for advertisers that want to reach their ideal audience. With this new solution, we take the ultimate step in targeting, building a Custom Audience for each advertiser or campaign, based on historical performance or detailed consumer profiles,” said Jeremy Longinotti, senior vice president and general manager, Audience Targeting. “The result is a highly precise, easy-to-use audience targeting solution that ensures brand marketers are spending their budgets with increased effectiveness and efficiency.”

eBureau’s Custom Audiences are a powerful complement to other solutions that use behavioral and intent data—the “what” data—for audience targeting approaches. In addition, eBureau has partnered with BlueKai as well as directly with large publishers to make eBureau Custom Audiences available from a wide variety of inventory sources, including premium publishers, ad networks, demand-side platforms and agency trading desks.

eBureau is among the 300 companies exhibiting at the 2010 ad:tech New York Conference at the Javits Center in New York, November 3-4. Attendees can stop by booth #1944 and learn more about how eBureau’s solutions including Audience Targeting, Lead Quality Scoring and Contact Center Optimization are helping digital marketers efficiently identify high value lifetime customers and improve the profitability of their new customer acquisition efforts.

About eBureau
eBureau provides a powerful suite of predictive analytics and real-time information solutions to help consumer-facing businesses find their next customer. Supported by a robust data mining platform that aggregates massive amounts of consumer data, eBureau helps performance marketers and digital advertisers improve the profitability of their new customer acquisition efforts. Clients span numerous industries and rely on our Audience Targeting, Lead Quality Scoring, Contact Center Optimization and Risk Management solutions to make instant, data-driven business decisions and most effectively deliver relevant marketing messages. For more information, please visit http://www.ebureau.com.