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Videobar That Increases Video Ad Views and Ad Sales for Online Directories is Introduced


KIRKLAND, Wash. – The Videobar, an online advertising unit that plays up to six video ads and increases online advertising revenue for online directory publishers, has been introduced by WebShoz, Inc.

The Videobar, which can be configured numerous ways, is typically deployed to offer premium placement of video ads at the top of a directory category such as lawyers, restaurants or doctors. It enables the viewer to preview six video ads by simply mousing over each of the thumbnail images. A click on any chosen video will link the buyer to the advertiser’s profile page, website or whatever page the directory or advertiser has chosen.

This same solution can be used to bring video ads to e-commerce sites “above the fold,” helping consumers to shop faster. Finally, search engines can also deploy the software to bring videos collectively to the top of results with a sneak peak opportunity before committing to a click.

WebShoz is also offering free video ad production to encourage more advertisers to benefit from the Videobar.

“The patent pending Videobar will raise awareness of online video ads and increase the number of video ads played meaning added ‘hits’ to significantly boost leads for advertisers and income for online publishers,” says Alexandrea Day, President and CEO of WebShoz.

Click here to visit a live demo and run your mouse over the thumbnail visuals.

“This is a game-changer when it comes to video ads on the web, particularly for small businesses,” she adds.

“Until now video ads were buried in listings, or appeared one at a time in a banner or linked to, from within a display ad. Now the viewer has a menu of video ads with live-action and previews. The viewer has more opportunities to choose their vendor and the advertisers have more opportunities to impact the viewer. Meanwhile, the publisher is seeing more clicks and more revenue,” said Frank Rocco, WebShoz VP Marketing & Sales.

“Everyone knows video encourages more response than simple display ads, but making those videos more visible and getting clicks has been the challenge. Placing the Videobar with its visually enticing design and moving images in a directory offers the visitor an instinctive trigger to play the video ad.

“It’s also attractive to the advertiser since they will be paying less to appear in a premium banner position than they would if they owned an entire banner,” added Rocco.

The first Videobar has just been launched in SureWest Directory. And with the Videobar’s ability to draw more attention to video advertising for SMBs, a corresponding spike in video ad sales and a wide network of directory clients is expected. WebShoz plans to expand that network of publishers making video ads available to all its publisher members and also to distribute video ads outside the network and throughout the web.

About WebShoz (www.WebShoz.com) WebShoz is a privately owned company that produces software solutions and offers online networks for the distribution of video advertising. Focused on web search enhancement and viewer response through video, the company offers software designed to increase the delivery of qualified leads for advertisers and boost revenue for online publishers. WebShoz video ad solutions are available on a revenue share basis.