Epic Media Group and LucidMedia Form Strategic Partnership

Epic Selects LucidMedia to Provide Enhanced Contextual Targeting and Comprehensive and Integrated Real Time Bidding

NEW YORK & RESTON, Va. – Epic Media Group (www.theepicmediagroup.com), the preeminent privately-held global digital marketing solutions company and the operator of Traffic Marketplace, announced that it has finalized a strategic technology partnership with LucidMedia (www.lucidmedia.com), a leading digital advertising management platform, that will allow Epic Media Group to deploy interactive advertising campaigns leveraging the LucidMedia demand-side digital advertising management platform. This announcement comes on the heels of months of collaboration between the two companies.

The new partnership will allow Epic to add LucidMedia’s Real Time Bidding (RTB) technology and advanced semantic contextual targeting to its suite of services and capabilities. Leveraging LucidMedia’s proven platform, Epic will immediately bolster its ability to help agencies and advertisers more intelligently and cost effectively reach consumers across multiple pools of inventory via Real Time Bidding. Epic will also utilize RTB and semantic contextual targeting capabilities both within its own network of premium inventory, as well as across every major exchange and Supply-Side Optimizer such as AdMeld, PubMatic and Rubicon, in a fully integrated approach to campaign delivery. Combining LucidMedia’s capabilities with Epic’s existing ad platform, sophisticated campaign analytics, and integrity assurance capabilities will allow Epic to continue to solidify its position as the market leader in offering the most advanced integrated digital marketing services available today.

“Epic’s deep expertise in managing a full spectrum of advertising services, combined with LucidMedia’s transparent and comprehensive demand-side RTB management platform as well as its advanced semantic-based contextual targeting engine, is a powerful combination,” said Don Mathis, President and Co-CEO of Epic Media Group. “This technology partnership will further unlock massive scale, allowing Epic to enhance our suite of services and improve the performance and efficiency of our interactive solutions on behalf of our clients.”

“After extensive testing on both sides, Epic has recognized that the depth and breadth of LucidMedia’s platform capabilities can significantly advance their ability to get maximum value for their clients. Epic has confirmed that our platform will not only complement but also enhance its existing platform,” said Ajay Sravanapudi, President and CEO of LucidMedia Networks, Inc. “We have spent a decade building and fine-tuning our demand-side platform for scalable ad operations and we have been working closely with Epic to integrate our capabilities in a way that will give their clients the flexibility and access they need to succeed online.”

About Epic Media Group

Epic Media Group (www.theepicmediagroup.com) is the preeminent privately-held global digital marketing solutions company, with deep expertise in managing a full spectrum of advertising services, from brand-building and engagement to performance-based customer acquisition solutions. The company relentlessly focuses on delivering the most comprehensive and cost-effective strategic digital marketing campaigns for advertisers of all sizes, across all industries and around the world. Epic Media Group intelligently and cost effectively accesses consumers across multiple traffic distribution channels through integrated campaigns which include display, search, social media, rich media, mobile, video and more.

About LucidMedia

LucidMedia (www.lucidmedia.com) is the most comprehensive and transparent digital advertising management platform for targeting and optimizing display campaigns. The LucidMedia demand-side platform (DSP) with ClickSense® page-level contextual analysis and intelligent real-time bidding (RTB) is available as both self-service and managed service to interactive agencies and brand advertisers. LucidMedia’s platform employs an easy-to-use interface to deliver proprietary optimization, consolidated buying across the Internet’s largest repositories, unique insight into real-time inventory availability, preemptive brand safety, universal frequency capping, and reach into 95% of the online population. Founded in 1999, LucidMedia processes more than one billion impressions daily for hundreds of major brand advertisers.