Adometry Launches Ad Analytics Suite for Online Advertising Measurement and Optimization

New Analytics Offering for Display & Search Advertising Tracks Audiences and Performance Across Online Channels

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SAN FRANCISCO – Adometry (formerly Click Forensics, Inc.) launched the industry’s first integrated ad analytics suite designed to help online advertisers measure and optimize campaign performance across different ad networks, publishers and media properties. The Adometry Ad Analytics suite, which has processed billions of clicks for dozens of the world’s largest advertisers in beta testing and production modes, combines ad verification, dynamic attribution and campaign optimization in a single solution. This unique approach gives advertisers a comprehensive way to measure and manage campaigns across the entire online advertising ecosystem.

“As the number of middlemen between display advertisers and audiences continues to grow, brands need ways to identify exactly where and when their campaigns deliver results so they can maximize return on ad spend,” said Paul Pellman, CEO of Adometry. “Our new cross-platform ad analytics suite allows them to do just that by tracking the quality of impressions and unique attributes contributing to success across different systems and networks.”

Adometry Ad Analytics is specifically designed to solve the unique problems online advertisers face when running display campaigns across a variety of platforms, such as publisher web sites, ad exchanges, Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) and blind ad networks. Key features available in the Adometry Ad Analytics suite include:

Ad Analytics Validate™: helps brands and agencies verify the reach and frequency of online campaigns, validating when and how often display campaigns reached their desired target audiences. In addition to providing all the functionality of ad verification and brand safety solutions, Validate goes a step further by helping advertisers pinpoint specific demographics reached, how they were reached, and which ad networks and publishers performed best.
Ad Analytics Attribute™: dynamic cross-channel attribution uses predictive modeling and machine learning to help brands move beyond ineffective last-click attribution measurement and arbitrary fractional measurement techniques. Dynamic attribution measures not only ad lift, but also identifies which combination of campaign settings – such as site visits, search ad clicks, and social media engagement – are contributing best to conversions. Attribute analyzes budget, frequency and placement data, ROAS, conversions, and reach in order to adjust campaign delivery and optimize the mix of media properties that best suit ad campaign goals. This produces better results for display campaigns.

According to an October 2009 report by Forrester Research Inc. entitled “The Forrester Wave™: Interactive Attribution, Q4 2009”: “With the science of attribution measurement getting more attention from all stakeholders, the market is poised to embrace a fundamental shift away from last-click measurement and toward a more robust form of attribution measurement that affords credit across all interactive media types, channels, and interactions.”

Since 2006, Adometry has delivered cross-platform ad campaign measurement and optimization solutions for top online advertisers, publishers and ad networks in the display and cost-per-click advertising markets. Each month, the company processes billions of ad impressions, which it uses to refine and develop sophisticated machine-learning algorithms that track and enhance ad campaign performance and effectiveness. The company’s SaaS offerings are ideally suited to meet the scalability and performance demands of real-time online advertising campaign management.

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About Adometry

Adometry, formerly Click Forensics, Inc., provides scoring, auditing, verification, and attribution metrics to optimize results for online advertisers, agencies, publishers, and ad networks. Tracking billions of impressions in real-time, reporting on where they appeared, for how long, and to what effect; the Adometry mission is to bring greater levels of transparency and accountability to the online advertising industry. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Adometry is privately held and backed by Sierra Ventures, Austin Ventures, Shasta Ventures and Stanford University. For more information visit

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