Traditional Audience Measurement Metrics Over-Count Unique Users Up to Threefold

New York – MediaMind Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ: MDMD), the leading independent provider of integrated digital advertising solutions, released a semiannual  Benchmark report titled, “Planning Audience Reach with ‘Adjusted Unique’.”   The new research shows that traditional audience measurement metrics that do not adjust for cookie deletion overestimate the number of unique users by two to threefold.   This severely limits advertisers’ ability to assess the effectiveness of their campaign in reaching their target audience.  The full study is available here.

MediaMind measured these results using its proprietary ‘Adjusted Unique,’ a metric that corrects for the over-counting of users as a result of cookie deletion and delivers an accurate measure of reach.   Accredited by the Media Rating Council (MRC) as compliant with IAB standards for audience measurement, the new metric enables advertisers to assess the number of impressions they need to reach their desired size of audience.

“Advertisers who use traditional audience measurement metrics can never be certain of the number of users who were exposed to their marketing message,” said Gal Trifon, President and CEO at MediaMind. “Now, advertisers can use the ‘Adjusted Unique’ metric as a measure of campaign effectiveness  alongside other metrics such as clicks, engagements and conversions.”

The study also analyzed benchmarks for the ratio between impression volume and audience reach in different markets. According to the analysis, US advertisers need 50 million impressions to reach five million users, and 200 million impressions to reach 18 million users.

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