Adconion Media Group Launches Digital Distribution Platforms

Restructures around direct response and brand marketing

LONDON – Adconion Media Group ( confirmed a restructure of its UK business and announced the launch of its two digital distribution platforms (DDP); Adconion Direct and Joost.

Announcing the launch, Matthew Hunt, Adconion Media Group’s UK Managing Director commented that the development of the two digital distribution platforms sends a clear signal to the market that Adconion has truly evolved from the traditional ad network business model.

“Adconion Media Group has built a reputation as one of the most successful independent global audience and content networks but we look at our achievements to date as the path leading to today’s announcement. Adconion Media Group is now an integrated digital marketing services organisation, with platforms that distribute content and advertising to three out of five people in the UK across display, email, video, connected TV, mobile and social channels. We have proprietary technology, a comprehensive range of products and services and have the team, expertise and scale across these channels to deliver leading solutions to the UK’s most demanding advertisers.”

“Advertisers today are extremely knowledgeable when it comes to understanding the complexity of multi-channel advertising distribution depending on whether the goal is to promote direct response or to broadcast a brand. As a result, skills, services and product lines have become more specialised and we have restructured accordingly.”

“The industry is experiencing radical change as media buying becomes more automated across multiple digital mediums. The game is changing and we’re proud to say we are ready and are ahead of the curve.”

Adconion Direct is a Direct Response DDP, which merges Adconion’s Audience Network with Adconion’s email solutions and social marketing capabilities. The result is a dedicated multi-channel solution that supports all pricing metrics and offers advanced optimisation and targeting technology. Data integration builds profiles of audiences for tighter targeting and connects campaign assets to the audience, re-targeting in real time, with behavioural recognition and response underpinned by Adconion Media Group’s optimisation engine and new social algorithm. The right audience is identified across multiple digital channels including display, email and social; and the right creative is selected to drive purchasing intent within that channel.

Joost is Adconion Media Group’s brand marketing DDP and operates on a separate platform. It brings the online properties and significant audience base of the video network and portal, together with the reach and scale of the Adconion advertising network and the creative resources of RedLever. The result is a dedicated multichannel platform supporting in-stream video, in banner video, premium display and rich media, mobile, connected TV combined with our in house creative services team. Joost is specifically developed to shift brand metrics and prove that television is no longer the only effective medium for reaching, engaging and affecting consumer mindsets.

Both DDPs will set new standards for brand protection through third party verification via AdXpose and Truste, compliance as a signatory to the recently announced European EU Framework for Behavioural Advertising and IASH standards across every campaign.

Adconion Direct and Joost will sit alongside Adconion Media Group business units RedLever and Adconion Platform Services. RedLever is a branded entertainment and creative production house specialising in sourcing, developing and negotiating sponsorship and funding agreements for high quality and entertaining content, while Adconion Platform Services allows third party use of Adconion Media Group’s proprietary technologies and workflow systems and licenses them for use.


Adconion Media Group is an integrated digital marketing services organisation with platforms that distribute content and advertising to three out of five people in the UK across display, email, video, connected TV, mobile and social channels. Adconion Media Group has a single minded proposition; to become the world’s leading content distribution and monetisation platform.

In the UK we deliver brand and direct response marketing results through having operational focus across four distinct businesses: Adconion Direct is a digital distribution platform for direct response marketing, Joost is a digital distribution platform dedicated to building brands, RedLever is a digital studio and Adconion Platform Services is an enterprise technology services business.

Globally Adconion Media Group ( is one of the largest independent global audience and video content networks, reaching over 325 million unique users – or one-quarter of the total global Internet population – every month. Adconion has 16 offices in 8 countries around the world, is a member of the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and is a founding member of IASH Europe.

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