Tech-Savvy Urban Chinese Elite Embraces Mobile Marketing and Advertising, According to ABI Research Technology Barometer

NEW YORK – Mobile advertising and mobile money services are making strong inroads among China’s newly affluent classes, according to a new consumer survey from ABI Research. This punctures the conventional thinking that strong consumer response to mobile advertising and the use of mobile devices for financial transactions are limited to mature North American and European markets.

The online survey of 1,000 Chinese consumers was conducted in March-April 2011. (Note that given the online nature of the survey, the sample cohort is entirely drawn from the technology-enabled part of the Chinese population.)

According to practice director Neil Strother, “Respondents were asked to indicate what actions they had taken as a result of clicking on an ad displayed on their mobile phones over the previous three months. Nearly half (49%) had received a coupon, while 46% had investigated the product or service and 45% had signed up to receive text alerts. These were the most common responses.”

As result of these responses, at least a quarter of respondents had also visited a local business (44%), downloaded or purchased some content (44%), signed up for an email newsletter (39%), or made a purchase (25%).

Says Strother, “These survey results highlight that commercialization of the mobile Internet through advertising is fairly strong in China. There may be a different kind of openness to advertising at work here. It’s possible that newly-affluent Chinese consumers are more receptive to advertising than some of their — often jaded — western counterparts whose cultures have been saturated with ads for many generations.”

This survey is part of ABI Research’s new series of Technology BarometerTM Research Services. “Technology BarometerTM: Mobile — 1Q 2011 China Survey Results” ( is a primary research-based tracking study that provides dynamic insight into the constantly changing Chinese consumer mobility market. In addition to the interest discussed above, it includes results for many other topics related to users’ preferences, product ownership, usage, attitudes and expectations to mobile devices and services.

For similar surveys conducted other countries, see Technology BarometerTM: Mobile (

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