DoubleVerify Launches Monitoring and Reporting Solution to Help Ad Networks and Ad Platforms Strengthen Brand Safety and Boost Performance

Navigator Proactively Maximizes Quality and Growth of Inventory and Profitability

New York – DoubleVerify, the pioneer and worldwide leader in online media verification and compliance, today announced the launch of Navigator, an end-to-end monitoring and reporting solution to help ad networks and platforms quicken and expand publisher on-boarding while continually monitoring their network and ensuring brand safety and quality inventory for ad buyers.

Navigator is comprised of tools that help networks and platforms build a trustworthy environment that delivers the highest level of brand protection while also maximizing ROI. Navigator provides insight on publishers that are in the process of being added to a network or a platform’s business. It also provides recommendations on other sites to add that meet the required quality levels. Once publishers are on-boarded, DoubleVerify’s technology constantly monitors and tracks ad tags to identify problems and prevent fraud and misuse of tags to help ensure the quality, integrity and authenticity of ad inventory.

“Networks and platforms have continually innovated on ad buying and selling, but there hasn’t been a way to comprehensively understand the compliance level of the sites and pages in their ecosystem. This limited insight makes it difficult to detect non-compliance and fraud at scale,” said Oren Netzer, CEO of DoubleVerify. “Navigator furthers our mission to bring trust, transparency, accountability and compliance to the online advertising ecosystem by offering ad intermediaries new, first-in-market tools to address their challenges and business needs.”

DoubleVerify’s Navigator helps ad networks and platforms grow their business, keep their costs stable and gain better insight into publisher prospects. Ad networks and ad platforms manage hi-growth businesses by continually adding inventory for advertisers to buy. It is a challenge to maintain the quality of publishers and inventory when operating at a massive scale. Publisher sales and inventory development teams need automated tools to seamlessly manage publisher prospecting and advertising performance.

Navigator is powered by DoubleVerify’s crawlers, or “Virtual Visitors,” which visit 40 million pages each month, gathering information from more than 7 million domains and cataloging billions of web pages. Working in tandem with the DoubleVerify Tracking Pixel, the Virtual Visitors contribute to a vast, global database that is updated on a daily basis. Leveraging this intelligence, the company has developed proprietary content classification methods and categories to help advertisers, networks and platforms understand site content across the web.

DoubleVerify’s proprietary algorithm classifies site content desirability of content to determine what is safe for all brands, what may be appropriate, but not appeal to conservative brands, and what content may be problematic.

“Screening our publishers is an important aspect of keeping our network quality high, which is why we were one of the first to partner with DoubleVerify,” said Chris Pirrone, Executive Vice President & General Manager of Epic Marketplace. “With Epic’s evolution toward a demand side network that includes both premium RTB and direct inventory, using DoubleVerify’s new tools will help us to properly find, vet, qualify and score high quality inventory in the current real-time decision making environment.”

“With DoubleVerify’s Navigator suite, we can enhance our trusted environments for our advertisers.” said Jason Carlisle, SVP Media at AudienceScience. “Combining this technology with our Audience Delivery System, we are able to give clients, who are the largest advertisers in the world, the ability to find their audiences anywhere online with complete confidence.”

About DoubleVerify
DoubleVerify ( is the worldwide leader in online media verification and compliance, and the top choice of marketers, agencies, ad networks and publishers looking to ensure brand safety, campaign transparency and regulatory compliance. DoubleVerify verifies over 35 billion advertising impressions per month for hundreds of leading Fortune 500 marketers. DoubleVerify is headquartered in New York City, with sales offices in London and engineering offices in Tel Aviv, Israel. Investors in DoubleVerify include Blumberg Capital, Institutional Venture Partners, First Round Capital and Genacast Ventures.