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Evidon Passes 50 Billion Impressions Served, 80 Million Unique Users


Tremendous Growth of Companies utilizing the “Ad Choices” Icon via Evidon Continues as Opt-Out Rates Remain; More than 80 million US internet users served ads with Ad Choices Icon delivered by Evidon each day

Greenlight Program Ensures Exponential Spike at IAB Deadline in Late August

NEW YORK – Evidon, the leading provider of compliance services for the Digital Advertising Alliance’s (DAA) Self-Regulatory Program for Online Behavioral Advertising (OBA), announced that it has served the 50 billionth impression of the Advertising Choices Icon on behalf of licensees of the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) and its industry self-regulatory program, The company announced that more than 80 million unique users are served ads with the Ad Choices Icon delivered by Evidon each day. The specific 50 billionth creative unit was served on the morning of Friday, July 29. Even as the program’s growth and the number of companies working with Evidon have both accelerated, the opt-out rate on impressions served by Evidon remains extremely low.

“We’ve been operating at scale for nearly a year now, so this number – which is largely comprised of brands and agencies who are just getting started – is about to get a whole lot bigger,” said Scott Meyer, Founder and CEO of Evidon. “With more than 130 brands, agencies, publishers, networks, and technology providers as clients, and with so many of them having joined our Greenlight program and having pledged to be fully compliant by the IAB deadline of August 28, we expect to see this number go through the roof by Labor Day.”

Evidon Data

Below is a snapshot of aggregate data from the more than 80 million unique users who see the icon every day, thanks to the scale of delivery provided by Evidon, which routinely exceeds 500M impressions/day and is growing:

In aggregate, there have been roughly 2.3 million interactions with Ad Choices Icon served by Evidon across more than 50 billion advertising impressions.

Evidon has handled roughly 500,000 opt out requests for these 50 billion impressions

“The industry self-regulatory program is designed to give users as much transparency as possible as simply as possible,” said Stu Ingis, Partner at Washington, DC law firm Venable, and Counsel to the DAA. “We’re watching this very closely as the program scales with specific focus on consumer awareness of and interaction with the icon.”


Additionally Evidon announced that it has selected Knowledge Networks (KN), a leader in innovative online research that represents the full U.S. population, to examine consumer perceptions of the Evidon InForm experience for consumers. Multiple studies, beginning with Evidon’s own baseline research last November, (http://blog.evidon.com/tag/better-advertising/), have suggested that consumers overwhelmingly favor the new transparency that the industry self-regulatory program provides. Knowledge Networks will enhance and enlarge this research with far more granularity and depth.

About Evidon

Selected by the Digital Advertising Alliance to power its online behavioral advertising self-regulatory program, Evidon (formerly Better Advertising) enables a more trusted environment for everyone in the online ecosystem. It gives businesses an easy, standard way of providing evidence of compliance with industry guidelines, and consumers more transparency into and control over how their information is used online. By empowering consumers and earning their trust, businesses build their brands, participate in OBA with confidence and generate results. For more information, please visit: www.evidon.com.