adBrite to Pioneer Real-Time Pricing Solution for Premium Publishers

Initial Floor-Optimizing Tests Show Significant Revenue Growth; Beta Now Open to Select Publishers

San Francisco – adBrite®, the largest independent ad exchange, has begun testing a groundbreaking Real-Time Pricing™ (RTP) solution that maximizes ad revenue for premium publishers by automatically optimizing the floor price for every page view on their properties.

adBrite uses advanced algorithms to unlock the true audience value of each online ad impression. Real-Time Pricing empowers publishers to calculate optimal floor prices using rich data sets from a variety of categories, such as advertiser type, audience segment, geo- and demographic information, time-of-day and more.

Initial testing with select partner publishers has confirmed that most floor prices are far from optimal, and even small shifts can generate significantly more revenue. In some cases, changing the floor price by just one cent would increase revenue by as much as 37 percent. The price is usually farther off the mark, however.

In one specific test, adBrite calculated new floor recommendations for ten of its highest-trafficked publishers. The proposed shifts were significant, ranging from 49 percent lower to 145 percent higher than the publishers’ current prices. After applying adBrite’s suggested prices for seven days, the results were striking:
·       On average, total revenue for each publisher increased by 50.1 percent
·       One publisher increased total revenue by 357 percent and fill rate by 17 percent

A fully-automated Real-Time Pricing solution that optimizes floors for every individual visitor will be available for wide adoption in the fourth quarter of 2011. In the meantime, publishers interested in testing Real-Time Pricing or learning more should contact adBrite at [email protected].

“adBrite is focused on unlocking value for both advertisers and publishers, but we feel that the digital media ecosystem is weighted against the sell-side, and believe RTP will go a long way towards righting that balance,” said adBrite CEO Iggy Fanlo. “By optimizing their value at the point of impression, publishers will have a strong counter to Real-Time Bidding and the ad tech ecosystem that has serviced ad buyers so effectively.”

About adBrite
adBrite is the largest independent advertising exchange, reaching 300 million global unique visitors every month, including more than 150 million in the U.S. With site-level transparency and an open platform for data providers and real-time bidders to plug into, adBrite maximizes selection and control for advertisers and publishers. Its services include adBrite Intelligence™, which provides superior real-time campaign reporting and analysis, and Audience Manager™, which leverages first- and third-party data for advanced targeting capabilities. For more information, visit