Turn Selects Nexage as Strategic Partner to Accelerate Mobile Advertising Audience Reach

Partnership emphasizes the strategic value of real-time bidding (RTB) in mobile advertising

BOSTON, MA – Nexage, the leading provider of market liquidity in mobile advertising, and Turn, the industry’s only end-to-end platform for managing data-driven digital advertising, today have announced a strategic partnership. This agreement enables clients of the Turn Media Platform to buy mobile advertising inventory at the impression level on Nexage’s real-time bidding (RTB) exchange, an integrated component of the Nexage Revenue Platform.

Nexage’s RTB exchange, combined with the data layer of the Nexage Revenue Platform, enables buyers to target and buy on a real-time, impression-by-impression basis. This capability enables buyers to identify an audience that is relevant to specific advertising campaigns and to drive campaign ROI. Nexage’s RTB exchange is growing 84% per month, and becoming an important engine to accelerate buyers’ mobile business and to drive overall market liquidity.

Through the partnership, Nexage is enabling Turn, and their more than 60 Fortune 200 brands that utilize the market-leading Turn Media Platform, to access billions of mobile application and mobile web impressions—and specifically target those impressions that deliver the greatest value to advertising campaigns.

As a single point of control for campaigns utilizing mobile, video and display advertising, the Turn Media Platform enables marketers to automate audience targeting and media buying across every inventory source from one centralized interface. Delivering thousands of campaigns and analyzing billions of daily impressions, the Turn Media Platform is the industry’s most powerful and best performing demand side platform (DSP) for data-driven advertising.

“We are both proud and thrilled to announce our partnership with Turn, which brings world-class brands and clear market leadership in audience-based media buying to mobile advertising,” said Ernie Cormier, CEO and president of Nexage. “Through this partnership, we combine Turn’s buying power with our RTB exchange to enable mobile advertisement campaign success and to drive overall market liquidity.”

“A critical component of Turn’s business strategy is to provide our clients with access to the industry’s broadest range of RTB inventory across mobile, video and display channels,” said Bill Demas, CEO and president of Turn. “Nexage is an ideal partner for us as the company combines RTB leadership with robust mobile capabilities. This enables our clients to integrate the mobile channel with their display and video campaigns and delivers on the promise of multi-channel advertising.”

Nexage continues to grow its roster of demand sources with the top three online demand side platforms (DSPs) now active on its RTB exchange; in addition, they have added nine more bidders in Q3 alone.

About Nexage

Nexage is the leading provider of market liquidity for buyers and sellers in the mobile advertising market. The Nexage Revenue Platform, comprised of a RTB exchange and mediation, maximizes revenue for publishers and developers, and campaign ROI for demand sources and advertisers. Nexage serves our customers and partners on a worldwide basis, including publishers, developers, and demand sources. Nexage is rapidly scaling as buyers and sellers realize greater value for their mobile advertising business; today, Nexage manages more than 8B monthly impressions and serves over 100 global ad sources, over 200 publishers, and over 700 sites and applications. Nexage has offices in Boston, New York, and San Francisco. Come visit us at www.nexage.com or follow us on Twitter @Nexage.

About Turn

Turn has developed the digital advertising industry’s only integrated, end-to-end platform for data and media management. The Turn Audience Platform and Turn Media Platform are currently utilized to manage digital advertising campaigns for over sixty Fortune 200 brands. Turn’s global infrastructure, intuitive software and analytics, and open ecosystem for partners – all available in a real-time integrated environment – represent the future of digital advertising. Turn is headquartered in Silicon Valley, California, with additional offices in London, UK, New York, Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

For more information visit: www.turn.com.