BrightRoll Enables Advertisers to Optimize Campaign Performance With Launch of Real-Time Bidding for the BrightRoll Exchange (BRX)

RocketFuel, Turn, DataXu, Media6Degrees, MediaMath and TubeMogul Among First Major Buyers to Integrate With BRX

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – BrightRoll, the leading provider of digital video advertising services, today announced the launch of real-time bidding for buyers on its online video advertising marketplace, The BrightRoll Exchange (BRX). The availability of real-time bidding allows buyers to target audiences at the individual impression level across BRX’s vast inventory of premium digital video content, while leveraging a dynamic pricing model to optimize campaign spend. Leading buyers including RocketFuel, Turn, DataXu, MediaMath, Media6Degrees and TubeMogul have signed on to execute video buys in real time via BRX.

“Online video advertising now reaches half of the American population and this trend will only accelerate,” said Bill Demas, president and CEO of Turn. “As advertisers increasingly use video to connect with their audiences, we are seeing a strong demand for RTB efficiencies in video. This partnership with BrightRoll enables brands to leverage Turn’s leading media and audience optimization capabilities to drive audience engagement across the largest sources of premium video content on the web.”

Media buyers who take advantage of BRX’s real-time bidding functionality can optimize performance by targeting only the users that are most valuable to them using anonymized data. Unlike bulk buying, which targets large audiences by category at a fixed rate, real-time bidding enables buyers to purchase video ads on an impression-by-impression basis at the price they’re willing to pay. BRX conducts a dynamic auction for each impression, enabling true market pricing so that buyers minimize their spend by paying for only the impressions they want.

“The use of DataXu’s unique impression-level decisioning technology integrated with BRX maximizes performance against an advertiser’s marketing objectives, increasing confidence that their investment in online video is money well spent,” said Adrian Tompsett, director of business development at DataXu. “Advertisers and agencies get superior campaign results by combining the sight, sound, and motion of online video with programmatic buying, optimization and advanced analytics.”

“The launch of our real-time bidding capabilities comes in direct response to market demand and the incredible momentum we have behind us as the largest video ad exchange in the industry,” said BrightRoll CEO and co-founder Tod Sacerdoti. “Since its inception, we’ve focused on making BRX the leading marketplace for buyers and sellers. This translates to highly targeted, efficient video campaigns for advertisers and more revenue for publishers.”

BRX offers buyers the reach, targeting, delivery controls and reporting capabilities required to execute brand-safe video campaigns at scale. Access to its real-time bidding capabilities are available via a simple technical integration and certification process.

About The BrightRoll Exchange
The BrightRoll Exchange (BRX) is the world’s premier online video advertising marketplace with thousands of sites and more than 100 million monthly unique viewers. BRX offers buyers access to massive pools of audited, brand-safe inventory, transparent site-lists and advanced audience targeting. BRX provides publishers a convenient and effective way to maximize monetization of their available inventory. For more information visit or read more on the BRX blog.