Velti’s Private Exchange Allows Premium Publishers to Have More Control, Generate More Revenue, and Maintain Higher Quality Ads

Latest feature enhancements allow publishers to extend their audience and resell targeted exchange inventory

SAN FRANCISCO – Velti (NASDAQ: VELT), the leading global provider of mobile marketing and advertising technology, announced the availability of custom private exchanges for premium publishers. By allowing publishers to cherry pick their demand partners with valuable inventory from the Velti mGage™ exchange, this latest addition puts Velti at the forefront of the mobile marketing and advertising space as a leader in optimizing ad impressions and reach to improve campaign ROI.

“The Velti private exchange opens up a valuable strategic channel for premium publishers and platforms to increase their ad sales inventory and reach a broader target audience without commoditizing their inventory,” said Krishna Subramanian, Chief Marketing Officer at Velti.

Currently, premium publishers, including media companies and mobile carriers, may privately sell inventory to a select list of agencies, ad networks and brands, both directly and indirectly. With this enhancement, publishers now will have more control to sell their supply to specific demand sources, increasing inventory pricing and reducing conflict between direct and indirect sales channels for higher fill rates– protecting valuable audience and business data from being exploited by remnant advertisers. The private exchange will enable premium publishers to expand their ad inventory, and extends the publisher’s audience through resale of exchange inventory.

For advertisers, it provides brand safety without sacrificing efficiency; marketers can bid on ad space at scale, while maintaining confidence in the quality of the inventory. By using real-time-bidding (RTB), marketers can strategically advertise to targeted audiences and enhancing the ROI for their ad buy. Ad buys are programmatically optimized across more than 20,000 publishers on the Velti mGage ad exchange.

“Premium publishers can benefit from the efficiency and liquidity of automated markets,” said Sunil Verma, GM of the Velti Exchange. “Agencies can work directly with premium content to create highly targeted and efficient buys.”

Velti’s private exchange is built on the mGage platform, which can reach more than 4.3 billion consumers and serves nearly 20 billion impressions per month. For more information, please visit

About Velti

Velti is the leading global provider of mobile marketing and advertising technology and solutions that enable brands, advertising agencies, mobile operators and media to implement highly targeted, interactive and measurable campaigns by communicating with and engaging consumers via their mobile devices. The Velti platform, called Velti mGage™, allows customers to use mobile and traditional media to reach targeted consumers, engage the consumer through the mobile Internet and applications, convert them into customers and continue to actively manage the relationship through the mobile channel. Velti is a publicly held corporation based in Jersey, and trades on the NASDAQ Global Select Market under the symbol VELT. For more information, visit