gopogo Launches Geo-Location Platform And Community For People to Record, Share and Discover Connected Experiences

Already more than 10,000 beta testers are creating digital social objects called “Strings” and sharing them with others in the gopogo community 

Businesses also exploring the power of Strings to extend their brands and deeply engage with customers

New York –  In today’s social-centric world where people continuously connect with others digitally to share experiences, gopogo (, a geo-location platform for recording, sharing and discovering connected experiences, announced its open beta test and launch of its community. More than 10,000 people in New York and Los Angeles are currently testing gopogo and creating “Strings” – sharable social objects consisting of any group of places that have relevance and context for the user.  gopogo is available now online and will soon be available for download to iOS mobile devices.

gopogo’s Strings let users capture and record multiple activities or experiences linked together in succession to form a complete thematic experience or story – such as “Sublime Times on the High Line” starting with hot coffee and cool tunes at Mojo Coffee; meeting friends at Cafe Cluny for fine French food and celebrity watching; walking it off via the High Line elevated park; then getting some culture at the Gagosian Art Gallery. Afterward, the Strings – complete with photos, videos and commentary – can be archived and shared on social networks and with the gopogo community. By browsing through gopogo’s library of user-generated Strings, users can also discover other experiences organized by location, theme, or areas of interest.

“There are plenty of individual apps that let you check in, write and read reviews, upload photos, publish interesting anecdotes, play location-based games, and even earn virtual and real social capital.  The problem is that they are all just fragmented collections of information, that can be time-consuming to manage individually and difficult to package and share with others as a complete, thematic experience,” said Jason Alan Snyder, founder and CTO, gopogo. “Only gopogo provides social media users with a single platform to record and save experiences, and then share them across all of the other social media platforms.”

gopogo’s Strings combine the best aspects of many top social media platforms, but it excels at providing context and giving people the tools to tell a complete story about the user’s inter-connected experiences. On one hand, Strings can be highly informational and filled with useful, practical and factual information.  At the same time, they can be a platform for storytelling and self-expression, by capturing personal anecdotes and sentiments that defined the experience and showcase how places connect. Together Strings create a complete, narrated experience that can be saved, shared and discovered by others looking to learn more about you, or simply to be inspired by the things you have done.

“Life is a series of connected experiences, and with social media we’re sharing more information about ourselves than ever before.  At the same time, we’re also losing most of what we’ve shared because there is no easy way to archive the information, or make it available for others to easily discover,” said Jason Alan Snyder, founder and CTO, gopogo. “We believe that people want a simpler way to chronicle their real-world experiences, and then archive and share them with others as digital social objects. gopogo gives them a simple way to do this, plus a built-in community of other people who like to share experiences and discover new ones.”

In addition to gopogo’s consumer application, the gopogo platform is currently being tested by businesses, brands and content creators as a new way to engage with their customers, build brand awareness and loyalty, drive traffic and sales, and create connections between the digital and physical worlds.  These businesses can create their own branded Strings to promote themselves, distribute coupons or capture valuable insights about their customers. Or, they can license gopogo’s technology via its white label program, enabling them to create, promote and manage special offers and events targeting their existing member base.

About gopogo

gopogo is a geo-location platform for recording, sharing and discovering connected experiences.  Its proprietary “String” technology lets users create a complete narrative story about their favorite places or outings – including photos, videos and personal commentary – and archive or share them with others as digital social objects.  Businesses, brands and content creators are also using Strings to engage with their customers, build brand awareness and loyalty, drive traffic and sales, and create connections between the digital and physical worlds. gopogo is headquartered in New York City, and will soon have Strings connecting people nationwide.  Find, follow or build your favorite Strings at, or visit us on Facebook, Twitter (@gopogoinc) and YouTube.