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LongTail Video’s State of HTML5 Video Report Finds Growth in HTML5 Adoption


  • Three Quarters of the Browser Market Supports HTML5 Video Playback
  • Full-screen HTML5 Playback Available in Majority of Browsers

NEW YORK – LongTail Video (www.longtailvideo.com), the leading provider of affordable, self-serve video solutions for web publishers, unveiled its latest State of HTML5 Video report, showing continued growth in HTML5 support and playback across the browser market, while highlighting other trends and issues in both mobile and desktop browsers.

Approximately 74 percent of the browser market now offers HTML5 support, up from 68 percent in January. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and IE9, the latest version of Internet Explorer, grew their market shares over the first quarter, while use of non-supportive and outdated versions of Internet Explorer continued to shrink.

The State of HTML5 Video also examines how browsers support the JavaScript API, a crucial component for giving developers control over how video content is displayed and interacts with the rest of a webpage. LongTail extensively tested factors like loading, buffering, playback and volume controls, and found that 80 percent of scripting was reliable and consistent.

The mobile landscape is slightly different, and both iOS and Android ignore volume control features included in the JavaScript API. Apple’s iOS system also blocks scripted play commands, complicating the implementation of pre-, mid- and post-roll advertising. Details of each testing methodology are included within the report.

Other key findings from the State of HTML5 Video Report Update:

  • Android has surpassed Opera in the mobile browser market.
  • Android 4.0 is readily available to mobile device makers. However, there are issues with Android 4.0, namely with buggy video controls and a lack of Apple HLS streaming support.
  • Full-screen HTML5 video is now available from a majority of web browsers. This is crucial for HTML5 video growth, as full-screen playback creates a better experience for both viewer and content creator through an engaging, engrossing viewing session.

The full report is available at: http://www.longtailvideo.com/html5/

About LongTail Video

LongTail Video has been a pioneer in the online video market. The company’s flagship product, the JW Player, is active on more than 1.5 million sites and streams billions of videos each month across all devices. The JW Player is used by a diverse group of publishers, ranging from Fortune 500 companies to individual bloggers. LongTail Video’s other products includeAddOns, a library of plugins and skins contributed by LongTail’s community of developers that enable customers to customize the JW Player, used by more than 500,000 sites; theAdSolution, LongTail’s stand-alone, self-serve video ad network, serves more than 500 million in-stream ad impressions each month to thousands of websites; and Bits on the Run, an online video platform that serves nearly 10,000 customers. LongTail Video is headquartered in New York City with an office in the Netherlands. For more information, please visit:www.longtailvideo.com.