Vizu Provides Proof Points for Social Media Advertising

Announces Initiative to Benchmark the Brand Building Efficacy of Different Social Media Tactics and Channels

San Francisco – Vizu Corporation, an online ad technology company that enables advertisers and publishers to measure and optimize Brand Lift in real-time, today announced the availability of a series of case studies developed to evaluate the effectiveness of different approaches to social media advertising. In recent weeks, the company has partnered with 33Across, BuzzFeed, BlogHer, and others to benchmark the effectiveness of brand advertising using social media tactics ranging from blogging to leveraging the social graph, from marketers such as Jones New York, GE, and Mary Kay Inc.

“In a recent study we conducted, 63 percent of brands told us they plan to increase their spending in social media this year,” says Dan Beltramo, CEO of Vizu.  “Faced with such a wide range of potential social media tactics and outlets, however, they don’t necessarily know where to place their bets. In response, we’ve instituted a new initiative to help ensure they know where to spend those dollars to maximize Brand Lift.”

Vizu’s partners used the company’s Ad Catalyst solution to measure and optimize  brand advertising in a variety of social channels. Examples include:

•    33Across built a custom Brand Graph™ that predicts large sets of new users for Jones New York by interpreting social habits and attributes across the retail category. 33Across and Jones New York used Vizu’s Ad Catalyst solution to get a real-time understanding of the brand-building effectiveness of their Brand Graph™ to drive purchase intent among women in or looking to enter the workforce. Ad Catalyst allowed both parties to access campaign performance data in real-time, facilitating communication and collaboration to identify the best-performing creative executions,  reallocate impressions to these executions (increasing purchase intent by 19 percentage points) and finally, to drive an overall 56.2% lift in purchase intent among 33Across’s Brand Graph™ consumers who had been exposed to the campaign.

•    GE partnered with BuzzFeed to create branded content through custom editorial posts and enlisted Vizu’s Ad Catalyst solution to analyze the impact on users’ perceptions. They found that branded content creates significant lifts in brand perception. Furthermore, these lifts are greatly amplified when the content is discovered through social media and sharing. Bottom line: branded content via trusted referrers leads to significant increases in brand affinity exceeding the bounds of a simple display ad.

•    Mary Kay Inc. teamed up with BlogHer, a network of the most influential women in social media, to create a branded blog outreach campaign to drive purchase intent. Mary Kay Inc. and BlogHer used Ad Catalyst to review the brand impact of the blog content, as well as the campaign’s frequency and lifetime performance in real-time. They found that the branded blog campaign drove an overall 259.6% lift in purchase intent, performing above average in comparison to branded ad campaigns and other beauty and purchase intent campaigns measured by Vizu.

“In light of the Facebook IPO and the demand from brands advertisers for more meaningful ad success metrics, social media is a hot topic these days,” adds Mr. Beltramo. “Determining what actually works, however, can be challenging. In addition to the various channels and tactics to choose from, the proliferation of performance metrics in the online medium further confuses the situation. In allowing our customers to measure and optimize their social media efforts using classic offline metrics such as Brand Lift, and in providing these benchmarks for the efficacy of different approaches to social media advertising, we’re helping marketers ensure they get the most from their social media investment.”

All of Vizu’s case studies can be found here:

Vizu Corporation ( brings the same metrics used to measure and optimize brand advertising effectiveness in the offline world to the online medium. By providing the first real-time, enterprise technology platform that allows brand advertisers and their partners in the digital media ecosystem – publishers, ad networks, exchanges, and demand side platforms – to collaborate around measuring and optimizing Brand Lift metrics, Vizu enables its customers to move their target audience through the purchase funnel, from building awareness to creating intent and preference. Vizu’s brand advertising effectiveness platform is used by over 60% of Advertising Age’s Top 100 Brand Advertisers and Comscore’s Top 50 Media properties to support all key aspects of the advertising lifecycle, including media buying, audience profiling, and Brand Lift optimization.

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