Aisle Rocket Launches Incremental Lift Tool for Facebook Advertising

FaceLift Yields 10x Performance by Optimizing Facebook Campaigns at the Audience Level for Greater Efficiency

CHICAGO – Aisle Rocket, a growth-driven marketing agency that unifies creative services, data, and technology to drive results, announced today the launch of FaceLift, an incremental lift measurement tool for Facebook advertising that more accurately attributes which advertisements actually lead to purchases rather than simply precede purchases.

The task of attributing sales to ad impressions is difficult for established brands, because the eventual purchase is often unrelated to the advertising viewed. By measuring audience-level data, FaceLift allows statistical power and efficiency to be allocated between channels and campaigns, generating approximately 10x the performance of other measurement methods.

“Most measurement tools don’t take into account an audience’s propensity to buy, which makes a world of difference in Facebook campaigns,” said Ross Shelleman, CEO of Aisle Rocket. “It’s a problem for both well known brands and upstarts doing retargeting and prospecting, because even the upstarts have new customers who are already interested in the products.”

Prior to FaceLift, advertisers were largely reliant on Facebook’s free self-service platform or the help of expensive attribution providers in order to measure lift and reallocate resources. Both measure campaign-level performance rather than audience-level performance, which doesn’t provide nearly the same level of granularity and accuracy.

“FaceLift allows us to optimize against different audiences, which outperforms campaign lift measurement by a factor of 10,” said Ronda Scalise, President of Aisle Rocket. “It increases the statistical power of your measurement, without which you’re flying blind when it comes to optimizing your Facebook performance.”

About Aisle Rocket

Aisle Rocket is a new kind of agency, focused entirely on delivering results. By unifying marketing and creative services backed by data and technology, Aisle Rocket drives revenue through best-in-class creative, e-commerce and media execution. Aisle Rocket’s managed Customer Data Platform (CDP) harnesses a brand’s 1st-party data to inform omnichannel online and offline media campaigns, supported by world-class creative, content, and UX.