Avatar Launches Suite of Social Media Marketing Tools

Company’s cost-effective, enterprise-class marketing technology is designed to enable small businesses to capitalize on social media marketing opportunities

LAS VEGAS – Avatar Ventures Corp. (OTCBB: AVVC); (“Avatar Ventures” or “the Company”) – announced that it is launching a suite of social media marketing tools through its new division, Avatar Social Media Agency. These tools will allow its clients an easy and effective solution to add social networks such as Facebook, You Tube and Twitter to their marketing program.

“Social media has driven a historic shift in the way that brands and organizations communicate with their audiences,” said Voltair Gomez, the new president of Avatar Ventures Corp.. “Our goal is to develop social media strategies for our customers, give them a presence with pages and channels and assist in operating these tools for them. In addition, the back-end we are developing will be an enterprise-class marketing technology that is enabling powerful social advertising executions and driving excellent return over investment for small business worldwide.”

“With more than 800 million active users, on Facebook, 1 in 4 American’s accessing You Tube daily, and 1 billion tweets per week [according to figures provided by each of those sites respectively], a presence on social networks is no longer a luxury for small business, it’s becoming a necessity for many,” commented Gomez. “But a meaningful presence on Facebook, Twitter and You Tube—one that represents a business accurately and professionally—takes effort and resources that a small business person may not have. Avatar Social Media Agency can be a small business’s social media creative agency, helping them create a Facebook fan base, a You Tube Channel audience, and a Twitter following and to maximize those relationships to drive sales.”