Avatar Ventures Launches New Mobile Ad Product

LAS VEGAS – Avatar Ventures Corp. (OTCBB: AVVC) (“Avatar Ventures” or “the Company”), an emerging provider of mobile services and marketing solutions for small- and medium-sized businesses, has launched a new business-to-consumer advertising solution to capture smartphone users’ attention as they search for products and services on the fly. MobileCall, a customized mobile marketing campaign based on the Google AdWords™ advertising service, is an ideal way to motivate potential customers to call, click and/or visit your business.

With an Avatar professional and customized campaign tailored to a particular industry and geography, MobileCall can start a business’s phones ringing with Google mobile search ads and Google’s ‘click to call’ features. These ads capitalize on the unique characteristics of smartphones, and their ability to instantly connect by phone, or geo-locate for walk-in traffic. The MobileCall product also provides campaign feedback, including lead alerts, 24/7 call tracking and call recording. It works in tandem with a custom mobile marketing advertising plan based on an individual business’s goals, optimized for local search criteria and inviting customers to take action.

“With growing momentum in mobile, we are focused on helping small businesses connect with customers on their smartphones, where a Google search is often the gateway to profitable interaction,” said Voltair Gomez, president of Avatar Ventures. “A MobileCall campaign can help drive qualified leads by instantly introducing a potential customer to products and services in a mobile-enhanced environment, giving customers the option to click to call or link to a business’s mobile web site that has been specifically designed by Avatar to make the process simple and seamless.”

This Avatar solution complements Avatar’s fully developed mobile web site program that features professionally created and managed mobile web sites through its mobile site center. For more information, click “MobileCall” or go to www.avatarventurescorp.com/mobilecall.