Datasets Deployed To Address TV’s Growing Audience Fragmentation Problem

NEW YORK – Simulmedia, a targeted television advertising company, today announced that TiVo Inc., a leader in advanced television services and advertising solutions for digital video recorders (DVRs), has expanded its partnership with Simulmedia.

Simulmedia will use TiVo’s anonymous, aggregated, second-by-second set-top-box data to expand Simulmedia’s endemic client base beyond tune-in/promotional advertisers and drive cost-effective reach across all advertiser categories. Using the breadth of TiVo data—the only source of set-top-box data that covers all signal sources including digital cable, analog cable, satellite, telecom and over-the-air with a national footprint and full time shifted viewing behavior insight—Simulmedia will be even more effective in re-aggregating and reaching audiences that are increasingly fragmented and distributed across hundreds of networks and day-parts.

Over the past year, Simulmedia has run over 250 campaigns for 11 different media agencies on behalf of 24 different TV advertisers in the entertainment, travel, and financial services categories. In each campaign, Simulmedia has delivered more target audience reach at an average cost lower than 75 percent of the other networks purchased by its advertisers.

“Simulmedia uses set-top box and other datasets to address TV’s growing audience fragmentation problem,” says Dave Morgan, Simulmedia’s founder and CEO. “The depth, diversity and robustness of TiVo’s data is unmatched and has helped Simulmedia deliver hundreds of very successful campaigns for national advertisers. We are very pleased to continue our partnership with TiVo.”

“With our second by second viewing behavior from across the nation, TiVo data plays an important role in shaping the TV advertising landscape,” says Tara Maitra, TiVo’s SVP for Content and Media Sales. “We are pleased to expand our partnership with Simulmedia as they seek to reach audiences more efficiently and with greater impact.”

Founded in 1997, TiVo Inc. ( developed the first commercially available digital video recorder (DVR). TiVo offers the TiVo service and TiVo DVRs directly to consumers online at and through third-party retailers. TiVo also distributes its technology and services through solutions tailored for cable, satellite, and broadcasting companies. Since its founding, TiVo has evolved into the ultimate single solution media center by combining its patented DVR technologies and universal cable box capabilities with the ability to aggregate, search, and deliver millions of pieces of broadband, cable, and broadcast content directly to the television. An economical, one-stop-shop for in-home entertainment, TiVo’s intuitive functionality and ease of use puts viewers in control by enabling them to effortlessly navigate the best digital entertainment content available through one box, with one remote, and one user interface, delivering the most dynamic user experience on the market today. TiVo also continues to weave itself into the fabric of the media industry by providing interactive advertising solutions and audience research and measurement ratings services to the television industry.

Simulmedia, Inc. ( is a New York City-based television ad targeting company and operates the Simulmedia Audience Network, the world’s first data-driven audience network for television.  The company’s targeting platform leverages predictive technologies and anonymous viewing data from more than 30 million US TV viewers to help national advertisers and their agencies better reach their target audiences, and better measure the results. Simulmedia aggregates TV audiences through partnerships with TV system operators and national networks and reaches all 116 million US TV households. Over the past year, the company helped national marketers and their agencies target, deliver and measure more than 200 campaigns and see results which were 25-300% better than they were able to achieve with traditional TV ad scheduling and targeting methods.

Founded and led by Internet entrepreneur Dave Morgan, Simulmedia is backed by Avalon Ventures, Union Square Ventures and Time Warner Investments.

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