Aggregate Knowledge Introduces New Media Mix Modeling in the AK Platform

Advertisers can now easily model “what if” changes to media mix and evaluate benefits and tradeoffs

SAN MATEO, Calif. – Aggregate Knowledge, a leading measurement and analytics company, today announced a key enhancement to its AK Media Intelligence Platform, allowing advertisers to easily model “what if” changes to their media mix. Advertisers can use this tool to easily identify the best and worst performers across key metrics and model changes to optimize their media mix accordingly.

This new functionality allows advertisers to optimize their media mix by selecting from a number of media metrics, including viewers, average frequency, clickers, clicks, CTR (click-through-rate), converters, actions, and APM (action-per-thousand). All changes occur immediately and can be seen both visually and within a table that highlights best and worst performers.

Traditionally, advertisers had to export and process large volumes of data and build custom worksheets and formulas to understand media mix performance. This process was error-prone, inconsistent, and administratively cumbersome. With this release, they have a quick and easy way to evaluate “what if” scenarios on the fly and also download recommendations.

“We designed the media mix modeling capability so that marketers can easily model changes to their media mix based on specific metrics they want to optimize for, without the need to download and aggregate disparate reports,” said Yosha Ulrich-Sturmat, VP of Product and Marketing, Aggregate Knowledge. “It’s the same concept used by financial planning tools where you can model certain scenarios before you make any changes.”

The AK Media Intelligence Platform joins currently siloed information to provide real-time holistic insights across all channels and mediums. It connects media and audience data investments on a single platform, unifying the “what” and “where” with the “who” across all digital touch points.

“We’re very excited about this media mix modeling release because it underscores how the AK Platform allows advertisers to model changes across all channels and mediums in just a couple of clicks,” said Ulrich-Sturmat. For example, marketers can now see how their Facebook campaigns perform across various metrics relative to their other campaigns and act on the insights gained without large report downloads and time-consuming data crunching.”

For a screen shot of the AK Media Intelligence Platform dashboard and its media mix modeling capabilities, click here.

About Aggregate Knowledge

Aggregate Knowledge is a leading SaaS company offering measurement and analytics tools. The AK Media Intelligence Platform connects media and data investments on a single platform. The AK solution joins information silos, letting marketers harness the power of big data to pinpoint where to invest and how to generate sales. Founded in 2006, AK is headquartered in San Mateo, California, with offices in New York and Chicago.

Aggregate Knowledge is funded by premier venture capital firms Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, DAG Ventures, First Round Capital, OVP Venture Partners, and Foundation Capital.

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