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CPX Interactive Launches Mobile Network Moversa


Digital advertising company breaks out mobile display business, creates industry’s newest mobile advertising network.

New York, NY – Following up on its recent announcement of a new divisional breakout strategy, digital advertising company CPX Interactive today released details of its mobile network, Moversa (www.Moversa.com). Launched three months ago as a beta initiative, Moversa now services more than 75 advertisers’ mobile display campaigns.

Moversa clients include mobile applications, daily deal sites and traditional brand campaigns. Approximately 60 percent of these are advertisers that previously used CPX Interactive to execute online display campaigns; 40 percent are new to the company, signing on specifically for the new mobile division.

On the publisher side, Moversa monetizes mobile inventory from both WAP sites and those optimized for the mobile experience; it also targets inventory across mobile games and applications. Legacy CPX users supply 65 percent of Moversa’s accessible inventory; 35 percent of the publishers represent inventory recently added to the company’s traditional network. Moversa is already responsible for serving more than 1.8 billion exclusive mobile impressions per month, with a total global reach of over 9 billion impression per month.

“Moversa has quickly come to represent 5 percent of our overall business,” said Mike Seiman, CEO of CPX Interactive. “We have been monetizing mobile inventory as part of our traditional offering for many years so not all of this business is new to the company, but we are certainly pleased by the warm reception from the advertisers and publishers that did not realize we provide this additional value. While the underlying principals of inventory optimization are the same, by breaking out Moversa into its own brand we are better able to communicate our mobile offering.”

Moversa is led by the VP of Mobile Operations for CPX Interactive, Chris Carnacchio, who relies on four dedicated mobile specialists in addition to core CPX sales and marketing executives.

“It was critical to break out and clearly define our mobile-specific strategies. There is a real disparity in the way that brands view mobile; some are very sophisticated, using messaging and targeting strategies developed specifically for their mobile campaigns, while many only know it as something they should be leaning into,” said Carnacchio. “We offer end-to-end campaign development and execution that truly leverages the unique and compelling capabilities of mobile.”

About CPX Interactive
CPX Interactive is a digital advertising company consistently serving more than two billion daily ad impressions. Its global distribution engine includes both a private marketplace of more than 4,000 quality publisher sites and an on-demand network with access to virtually every major aggregator of digital media. CPX campaigns are churned through a continuous cycle of planning, execution, optimization, reporting and analysis – each leveraging the company’s unparalleled scalability. CPX has proven success with more than 300 major brands worldwide. For more information, visit http://www.cpxinteractive.com.

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