MassiveImpact’s Powerful New Technology Increases Mobile Ad Revenue by Over 100%

Multiple Advertisers Gameloft, Zed ZA and Others Report Dramatic Growth in Mobile ROI Using Real Time Performance

NEW YORK – MassiveImpact Ltd, the world’s leading provider of performance mobile advertising, announces today that the company has consistently yielded high returns for targeted mobile advertising campaigns. Many of MassiveImpact’s advertising customers consist of Fortune 500 companies in the finance, insurance, gaming, mCommerce, and education industries and include well-known brands, such as: Citibank, Gameloft, AIG Insurance, OK Bank, AIA insurance, Zed ZA, and other global companies.

MassiveImpact guarantees sales growth for its customers due to the company’s new real time performance approach (RTP), leveraging the company’s flagship product, TargetAdLive®, a propriety targeting technology that serves relevant ads to the right users, at precisely the right time. MassiveImpact’s RTP approach enables advertisers to acquire new customers by targeting potential users based on their actual conversion history and uses 99% of available specific user’s data, rating each user’s likelihood of purchasing the advertised product.

“Our mission was to change the mobile advertising ecosystem and today we have the data to prove our method works,” says Sephi Shapira, CEO and Founder of MassiveImpact. “We created an algorithm-based targeting technology that automatically zeros in on an advertiser’s core market so that mobile advertising campaigns are strategically executed with precision and assured to yield successful results. With a cost-per-action approach, our advertisers only pay for delivered results.”

MassiveImpact employs a cost-per-action (CPA) business model that enables customers to achieve a higher ROI. The CPA model implies that customers are charged only for pre-defined conversion events, such as: purchases, downloads, calls to the call center, or completed forms.

Zed ZA is the leading mobile monetization company in the world. The company reaches over 2 billion mobile subscribers and has been working with MassiveImpact since early 2012.

“MassiveImpact has been a trusted partner and an integral part of our digital advertising strategy since we began doing business together,” remarks Eugenio Dominguez, International Media Planner at Zed ZA. “We have seen significant growth of close to 100% in mobile advertising income, directly correlated to our mobile ad campaigns, conducted by MassiveImpact.”

In addition, MassiveImpact customer Gameloft, the leading global publisher of digital and social games, benefited from over 40K new monthly subscribers that resulted from an ongoing global mobile advertising campaign.

“We have experienced significant growth in the APAC region, with a markedly 20% increase in subscription sales month-over-month,” says Rodrigo Mejia, Senior Marketing Manager, Global of Web & Mobile Search Marketing at Gameloft. “The increase in mobile advertising sales has proven to us that with the right targeting approach, mobile advertising can be a leading factor in increasing overall bottom line.”

“Our marketing solution works because we understand the unique difference between web advertising and mobile advertising,” adds Shapira. “MassiveImpact leverages the opportunity that the mobile world presents – demographics, real-time information about user behavior, preferences and much more – so we can serve relevant ads to people most likely to purchase from them. It’s a win-win for the advertisers and mobile users alike.”

About MassiveImpact

With five operational sites across the globe and reaching more than 1 billion mobile internet users from 190 countries, MassiveImpact is the leader in performance mobile advertising. The company’s flagship product is TargetAdLive®, a real-time propriety technology that guarantees advertiser return on investment and maximizes traffic monetization for publishers. MassiveImpact is backed by strategic investors in the mobile space, including: SoftBank, SingTel, and Gemini. To learn more about MassiveImpact, visit