Evidon Launches First Technology to Reveal the Redirect Chain of Hidden Tracking on Websites

Evidon Encompass Revenue Protection Gives Businesses a Tagless Way to Gain New Insight into the “Redirect Chain” to Secure Data and Improve Performance

NEW YORK – Evidon, the global leader in revealing the invisible web, today announced the launch of Evidon Encompass Revenue Protection, the first technology to remedy one of the most vexing issues in online media—how tracking code gets onto a website.

Adweek first covered this launch: http://www.adweek.com/news/technology/helping-publishers-police-their-own-websites-143480. Evidon CEO Scott Meyer will debut the technology at the Federated Media Signal: Chicago Summit on Tuesday, September 11: http://www.federatedmedia.net/events/11.

A new component of Evidon Encompass, the only completely tagless website control platform, the Revenue Protection module complements Evidon Encompass Privacy, the platform’s existing module launched in January 2012. That module has become an industry standard for businesses to see and disclose all of the tracking on their pages to comply with global privacy regulations. Beginning in Q4, Evidon’s more than 40 existing Evidon Encompass Privacy clients—including leading brands like Nestle, AETN UK (A&E Television UK) and Holland America Line—will have access to the new Revenue Protection module via Evidon’s web-based user interface.

Evidon Encompass Revenue Protection addresses the more bottom-line impact of ubiquitous tracking code in two specific ways. The first is data leakage. Brands and publishers frequently place third-party tracking code on their sites to enable them to do business more effectively, but that tracking code can often spawn other tracking code that the site owner is unaware of, enabling unauthorized companies to collect and ultimately sell the data.

Secondly, each new piece of tracking code can impact website speed (increasing “latency” in industry parlance). This can severely impact revenue by depressing search engine rankings, diminishing conversions and reducing website visits. By giving businesses new intelligence into that interconnected chain of tracking code—the “redirect chain”—and a way to control it, Evidon Encompass Revenue Protection empowers clients to drive audience engagement, conversions and, ultimately, more revenue.

“Brands and publishers have always been adamant about cracking the code on the redirect chain,” said Evidon CEO Scott Meyer. “Tracking itself is not the problem—rather, it’s having the visibility you need to manage it and your partners effectively. When you do, you ensure that your pages load quickly and your data is shared only with authorized partners—that means more customers and more revenue.”

Implementing Evidon Encompass requires no technical integration. The platform leverages Evidon’s proprietary library of more than 1,100 tracking scripts, as well as the seven million-member, opt-in Ghostery® panel, which anonymously supplies tracking code data on over 26 million websites.

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