Hulu’s Peter Naylor and Ghostery’s Emily Riley Join Operative Advisory Board

Newly formed advisory board will help shape the future of the advertising business management solution company

NEW YORK – Peter Naylor, SVP of Advertising Sales at Hulu, and Emily Riley, Chief Operating Officer at Ghostery, have become part of a newly formed advisory board at Operative Media, Inc – the global leader in advertising business management solutions. In their positions as inaugural members of the board, Peter and Emily will offer insight into business strategy and product roadmap.

“Our goal is to associate ourselves with mainstream media companies that see the value and growth potential in direct ad sales,” said Lorne Brown, CEO of Operative.  “We use our advisory boards to benchmark industry data in order to help media companies whose businesses are at stake. They need to be able to capture high revenue opportunities, which are the most complex to support operationally. What we’ve seen so far in digital is just the tip of the iceberg.”

Peter Naylor brings almost 20 years of experience to the advisory board, and has a vast knowledge of the daily ad tech complexities that Operative strives to simplify. Since 1996, Naylor has built and deepened his expertise in interactive media, TV and video through leadership roles at iVillage and NBC—both clients of Operative—before joining Hulu. Naylor was Chairman of the IAB in 2012, and was a board member for LiveRail until it was acquired by Facebook in August of 2014.

“I have always admired the work Operative does,” said Naylor. “I see through a publisher’s lens, and I can represent the voice of the customer when Operative is making strategic decisions about the direction of the company.”

Emily Riley has a large-scale view of the ad tech space. As a former analyst at Forrester and Jupiter Research, she has a good third party objective stance. Riley is very familiar with how the digital advertising ecosystem works, and what drives buyers to partner with tech companies. She is excited to take a larger role in shaping the future of Operative.

“Operative is a foundational piece of digital advertising, and an important element of running an ad business,” said Riley. “I am very impressed with what they have built—it’s a tech company you can see lasting for years to come.”

“Most of our clients are TV and video companies, and their business models are changing,” says Operative CEO Lorne Brown. “Peter understands what our customers are trying to do across screens and Emily knows the buyer/seller landscape better than anyone. We like having them at the table as we’re thinking through our customers’ future needs.”

Both Riley and Naylor were extremely active in Operative’s most recent Client Advisory Board (CAB) event, a bi-annual forum to gather data and insight from its top clients and prospects. Recent attendees included Kelley Blue Book, NBCUniversal, CBS, Wall Street Journal, Fairfax, and Comcast.

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