MASS Exchange Launches the First Programmatic Futures Exchange for Addressable Advertising

New Exchange Offers Media Buyers and Publishers Price Discovery, Efficient and Fair Trading, and Superior Returns

NEW YORK – MASS Exchange ( announced that it has launched the first programmatic futures exchange supporting multiple addressable advertising markets.

The exchange also announced that it is currently negotiating agreements with prospective syndicate partners to jointly develop and support an entirely new market representing more than $230 billion in annual transactions globally.

While a number of digital advertising marketplaces operate today, MASS Exchange is the first and only advertising futures exchange offering media buyers and publishers of advertising impressions true price discovery, efficient valuation, execution and settlement in a single, scalable, global platform.

The exchange offers two-sided auctions for both advertising display space and audience attributes – an innovation considered far superior to the one-sided, second price auctions typically operated by many existing ad exchanges and sell-side platforms (SSPs).

“A key component of MASS Exchange is the introduction of standardized forward and futures contracts that can be traded as part of a robust, transparent and efficient electronic exchange,” said Amihai Ulman, chief operating officer of MASS Exchange.

“With the exception of the Real-Time Bidding (RTB) market, the very nature of advertising requires that ads be sold ahead of media display,” Ulman said. ”However, the lack of standardization – and the challenges of differentiating between display space, audience and price – have, until now, thwarted the introduction of futures, forwards and risk-management products to the advertising markets.”

MASS Exchange combines advertising contract price discovery with counterparty transparency, while maintaining transactional anonymity to ensure level playing field trading – along with brand protection and superior cost efficiencies for both media buyers and publishers. Future exchange products in development include risk-hedging tools, and additional position reporting and settlement options.

“The online advertising market has historically lacked an organized market to provide dependable price discovery,” said Todd J. Broms, chairman and chief executive officer of MASS Exchange. “Ad buyers and publishers have expressed a clear desire to leverage the types of standardized products used every day in the global financial markets. With MASS Exchange, we’re applying market-driven technology and the economics of the financial exchange sector to the fragmented ad media ecosystem.”

It’s expected that other market participants will choose to extend their platforms by joining the exchange as syndicate partners. “Our syndicate partners can be the de-facto market leaders in the inevitable transformation and unification of the ad markets into a single electronic exchange enabling trading of all types of addressable media,” Broms said.

About MASS Exchange

MASS Exchange, a unit of Managed Audience Share Solutions LLC, was formed in 2010 to apply technology models used in the global financial markets to the more than $230 billion global addressable advertising markets. The company recently launched the world’s first programmatic media futures exchange designed to support multiple addressable advertising markets.

MASS Exchange’s technology is backed by a deep portfolio of issued and pending US and international patents. These patents provide for the operation of transparent, fair and efficient digital advertising markets – and the trading processes required to create standardized advertising instruments. The exchange offers superior audience segment pricing – while providing optional anonymity to ensure that buyers’ and sellers’ advertising strategies are not exposed to the broader markets.