RTB House Unveils First AI Marketing Lab Innovations

Advances in multi-channel retargeting capabilities provide consumers with more control, give brands more insight into the effectiveness of dynamic creative optimization, and power a personal shopper online experience

RTB House, a global company that provides state-of-the-art retargeting for top brands worldwide, announce it will begin the alpha testing phase of its first MarTech innovations developed in its internal research and development unit – AI Marketing Lab – following its launch in May with an initial annual investment of USD $5 million.

From Q1 2019, selected brands from RTB House’s global customer base will begin testing three new marketing solutions – Social Banners, Snippets, and Full Page Recommendations. The company plans to roll out all three products to its 1,500 strong global customer base which includes Adidas, Hotels.com, New Balance, Trivago, Sephora and Walmart.com later in the year.

The offerings developed by AI Marketing Lab will integrate with and augment RTB House’s retargeting technology that is powered entirely by deep-learning algorithms. Deep learning is an advanced form of AI that models high-level abstractions in data and imitates the fast-working data processing capabilities of the human brain to create decision making patterns that mirror those of consumers.

RTB House’s new Social Banners improve the user experience by giving online shoppers more control of personalized offers that are custom-built for them via new recommendation options. Gamification features embedded in banner ads, enable consumers to tell brands which products they like, or dislike, most. This opted-in feedback is then used to personalize ads shown in the future so that consumers only see products they have liked and not those they have disliked.

Furthermore, aggregated consumer feedback from social banners will be used by the AI engine to refine the overall user experience and recommendation mechanism which will improve personalization for non-opted in consumers and boost the overall performance of retargeting campaigns. This type of interactive functionality has proven to be popular across social media, online games, and web services such as Pandora.

RTB House Snippets enable brands to use RTB House insights to make ad creative more effective and ensure consistent alignment with brand style. Snippets can also be used within dynamic creatives, which have proven to be difficult for the ad industry to deliver in past.

Brands using Snippets are able to download the creative codes for each ad format, insert any needed meta tags, and use the creative in any online advertising campaign across multiple channels. Five years of research and development in retargeting campaigns has led RTB House to develop this unique, dynamic creative tool. Frequently requested by RTB House clients, the new Snippets feature generates traffic from new audiences more efficiently than traditional solutions and provides brands with more insights about target audiences.

Full-page Recommendations enables online retailers to show consumers a range of products selected specifically for individual shoppers based on their past behaviors and online preferences. Consumers have the option to view the recommended products on a dedicated subpage, before being navigating to specific product pages.

In contrast to other platforms that provide shoppers more generic product offers, these customized, full-page recommendations are more appealing to consumers and drive higher levels of interaction because the experience is akin to that of a personal shopper. Brands are also able to provide dynamic promotions and other special offers to consumers within these personalized splash pages, real-time, to further boost engagement and sales.

“The AI Marketing Lab prioritized the development and launch of these innovations based on customer feedback. First and foremost, the brands we work with want to present ads that are personalized and interesting to consumers. They’re also seeking to provide dynamic, high-quality creative that entices shoppers to click on their ads for more information and to use the best-performing ones across more marketing channels,” said Artur Jaworski, Business Director, UK, RTB House. “We are sure that the projects developed at our AI Marketing Lab will not only increase the efficiency of our clients’ retargeting campaigns but are at the forefront of innovation in the ad-tech industry”.

By working with RTB House, large brands are able to deliver ultra-personalized ads based on consumer behavior tied to their search tactics, browsing and basket behavior, and other observations within seconds across all devices and at the right time to improve conversions and boost sales.

RTB House’s world-class retargeting platform, powered by 100% deep learning AI, currently handles two million requests per second, 10 billion ad views per month and about five million daily clicks.

RTB House is a global company that provides state-of-the-art retargeting technology for top brands worldwide. With its proprietary ad buying engine, powered entirely by deep learning algorithms, RTB House helps advertisers multiply sales to reach their short, mid and long-term goals.

Founded in 2012, RTB House serves over *1,500 clients in over 70 countries* in EMEA, APAC, and the Americas regions with main locations in New York, London, Tokyo, Singapore, São Paulo, Moscow, Istanbul, Dubai and Warsaw. The team consists of more than *400 professionals* and growing. *In 2018, after successfully deploying deep learning into 100 percent of its algorithms, RTB House launched AI Marketing Lab. The new division is focused on creating an environment for inventing and developing new mar-tech solutions.

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Artur Jaworski is Business Director UK at RTB House, with 20 year’s experience in technology he leads the strategic development of RTB house in the UK. Prior to joining RTB House, Artur held senior leadership roles at Shopguard Systems Limited, Mitron Oy, Surecomp, and Casewise. Artur also works as a business coach for individuals and high-performing teams across Europe.