Kontera Expands Mobile Ad Suite with Dynamic Content and Unique PageLift Technology

Relevance and brand contents for highest levels of engagement

NEW YORK – Kontera, the leading Content Activation technology provider, announced that it has enhanced its mobile advertising suite with dynamic content for mobile, and a unique PageLift opener developed to deliver superior brand engagement. Kontera’s mobile advertising suite has been in market for more than 18 months. It is characterized by full-screen brand experiences that are highly related to mobile content, the context, and mindset of on-the-go consumers.

The new Mobile Dynamic Content capabilities enable advertisers to activate brand supporting content or social assets within any of Kontera’s mobile ads. The result is a mobile experience that brings consumer valued content into the ideal mobile context, in support of brands’ objectives. Kontera’s exclusive PageLift technology provides an ideal mechanism for showing information that is related to smartphone and tablet optimized web pages and app content. Consumers are able to lift or ‘peel’ the original mobile content to reveal in-depth information and highly relevant brand content.

Kontera’s mobile suite supports both Android and iOS across both smartphones and tablets, and is in use by more than 4,000 publishers, with the majority of smartphone ads being shown on strictly mobile optimized sites. Kontera’s mobile brand advertisers include Volkswagen and HP. Kontera’s mobile campaigns have consistently shown high response and engagement rates, with brands seeing CTRs consistently toping 3% and attitudinal lifts of 20% or more.

“Our Mobile Dynamic Content and the exclusive PageLift technology join our suite of mobile banners, and in-content brand engagement offerings,” said Ammiel Kamon, Kontera EVP and Head of Mobile. “We see these new additions as key to mobile marketing around consumer passion points, delivering very high consumer engagement and response.”

Elements of this story were reported first by Mobile Marketer.

About Kontera

Kontera understands the world’s content, and dynamically activates brands’ owned content, advertising, social or supportive organic content for optimal results.

The Kontera content activation platform analyzes and correlates more than 400 million daily “conversations” and content views, in real-time, across 15,000 exclusive publishers and the majority of the comScore top 1,000 sites. Kontera’s platform understands web-wide “conversations” and current interest trends, and it uses this information to activate the ideal brand content within Display, Mobile and Social environments.

The company reaches more than 170 million consumers each month. Top advertisers such as Chrysler, GM, Kraft and Microsoft rely on Kontera to deliver unique and engaging brand experiences.