LiveRamp’s Offline-to-Online Data Matching Solution Now Available in Lotame’s Crowd Control

Lotame’s Unifying DMP now offers easy access to LiveRamp data

NEW YORK – LiveRamp, the company that enables companies to make their offline data actionable in online advertising, said that it has teamed up with data-driven leader Lotame to offer LiveRamp’s powerful offline-online data matching solution within Crowd Control, Lotame’s Unifying Data Management Platform (DMP).

The partnership enables advertisers to improve retargeting, analytics, monetization, and more. LiveRamp matches offline data keyed by postal or email address and places it online into anonymous audiences. Making that data available within Lotame’s Crowd Control enables more advertisers to use it more easily.

“Lotame partnered with LiveRamp to bring valuable offline data online seamlessly,” said Andy Monfried, CEO of Lotame. “This partnership is a crucial part of our Unifying DMP and we are thrilled to be able to help our clients activate this important data source.”

Brands can leverage this solution in a number of different ways, including:

  • Retail companies with online and offline storefronts can bring their multiple data sets together into one powerful database to learn more about their consumers and target them more effectively;
  • Offline data providers can bring this data online to monetize; and
  • Publisher clients with an offline subscription base can bring this offline data online without requiring a paywall.

“Advertisers know the power of combining offline and online data,” said LiveRamp VP and GM Dan Scudder. “Our partnership with Lotame makes it easier than ever for marketers to bring their offline data online in a privacy-compliant manner, and leverage offline data for precision online marketing and analytics.”

Scudder continued, “If you have a database of 10 million customers, LiveRamp can help you target more than three million of them with online ads. We’re very pleased to be able to make our powerful data even more accessible.”

This story appeared first in Adotas.

About Lotame

Lotame empowers innovative publishers, agencies, and brands to unlock the full value of their audience data with its unifying data management platform, Crowd Control. Founded in 2006 with offices in New York, Maryland and Boston, Lotame activates first and third-party audience data while ensuring quality, enforcing security and protecting user privacy. To learn how our data-driven platform delivers superior results for leading publishers, agencies and brands, visit

About LiveRamp

LiveRamp data onboarding makes your offline customer data actionable online. We help bring the rich and valuable assets of your offline databases online creating greater precision and performance in online marketing and advertising.

We’re the only company focused solely on data onboarding (including purchase history, direct mail, email campaigns, loyalty, and CRM). That’s all we do. And we work seamlessly with all the leading online ad networks and platforms.

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