Facebook Mobile App Install Ads Now Measured by Localytics

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – Localytics announced today that the company is a Facebook mobile measurement partner. New and existing Localytics customers can immediately use Localytics for attribution and measurement of Facebook mobile app install ads, and their impact on customer acquisition, engagement and lifetime value.

Facebook is the newest mobile advertising platform supported by Localytics’ app marketing platform. Facebook made mobile app install ads available to all developers in October, providing them a new channel to reach a highly relevant audience for their apps. As new app installs occur, Localytics analyzes and measures the ongoing contribution of customer acquisition campaigns to help app developers optimize their messaging and marketing strategies.

“We’re already using Localytics for both app analytics and in-app messaging” said Jon Paris, co-founder of Astrid, maker of the popular task manager for Android and iOS. “Now Facebook provides a great opportunity for social discovery and app install advertising, and Localytics helps me measure the long-term success of these campaigns.”

Acquisition campaign measurement is a new addition to Localytics’ app marketing platform. More than simple attribution of new app installations, Localytics analyzes and reports engagement, retention and contribution to customer lifetime value (LTV) by campaign. Through complete integration of app analytics with marketing, developers can use past app usage profiles and behaviors to discover relevant audiences and optimize messaging for new customer acquisition campaigns.

App developers then use Localytics’ app marketing to nurture customers and drive conversions by delivering rich, focused in-app messages. Unlike push or text messages, these messages are presented within the app experience and triggered in real-time based on app usage.

App developers can download the latest Localytics SDK for iOS today, which includes support for acquisition campaign measurement and Facebook mobile app install ads. Support for Facebook app install ads for Android will be added soon. The solution is compliant with Facebook data and privacy policies.

Localytics recently raised $5.5 million in new financing from Polaris Venture Partners and existing investors to expand their app analytics and marketing automation platform.

About Localytics

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