Federated Media Publishing Surpasses Yahoo!, AOL and Microsoft in Audience Reach

With 193 Million Monthly Uniques, the Federated Media Publisher Network Now Ranks #3 in Latest comScore Report

SAN FRANCISCO – Federated Media Publishing, the conversational marketing pioneer and champion of content that fuels the social web, announced that it has been named the third largest U.S. ad network and the fourth largest network in the entire Display Ad Ecosystem, according to comScore’s December 2012 report. The Federated Media Publisher Network now includes 193,000,000 U.S. monthly unique visitors, which represents over 87% of internet users across the U.S.

With one of the largest owned and operated real-time ad exchanges in the world, Federated Media now sees over one billion ad impression opportunities per day. To more efficiently connect publisher content and audiences with top marketers and advertisers, Federated Media has developed sophisticated segmentation capabilities including page-level site categorization, conversation targeting, and advanced private marketplace development.

A long-time advocate of online publishers, Federated Media’s growth and comScore ranking is a testament to the vibrancy and engagement of the independent web. With over 150,000 sites in Federated Media’s ad exchange including more than 1,200 new sites over the past three months, the Federated Media Publisher Network continues to grow at a remarkable pace.

“With a fast-growing network, we have continued to increase our comScore ranking over the past couple of months and are thrilled that we now represent one of the largest networks in the entire Display Ad Ecosystem,” said Deanna Brown, chief executive officer at Federated Media Publishing. “With this news, Federated Media now rivals some of the biggest names in the industry, helping us to quickly turn into a ‘must-buy’ for brands and agencies alike.”

“Spend on programmatic and real-time media buying is growing faster than any segment in online advertising. We’re one of the only solutions with such a massive reach and scale network coupled with rock-solid segmentation and brand safety filters,” said Walter Knapp, EVP and GM of Media at Federated Media Publishing. “We are laser focused on being a true partner to publishers which has allowed us to grow our network exponentially by offering a full spectrum of advertising services, audience analytics, and reader engagement tools.”

About Federated Media Publishing

Federated Media Publishing powers the Independent Web. We believe that the majority of meaningful engagements across digital media occur via high-quality independent sites and services. These sites leverage top digital talent to attract influential audiences who together create meaningful dialogue. Brands benefit from improved loyalty and increased sales when they become part of this authentic experience. Learn more at www.federatedmedia.net.