White Paper from Adzerk Explains How Audience Targeting Helps Publishers Maximize Advertising Revenue

Audience Targeting 101“, a white paper published by ad management platform Adzerk, explains how marketers use data to reach audiences beyond the content of a webpage. Written by ad operations veteran Ben Kneen of Ad Ops Insider (http://www.adopsinsider.com/), the white paper explores the behind-the-scenes concepts of audience targeting, and delves into four major areas of marketing opportunity: demographics, psychographics, purchase intent, and social media.

Before audience targeting, web publishers’ ad buys were limited by the content on their pages, and the audiences that content attracted. Now that audience targeting has become a mainstream part of the online advertising process, publishers need to be aware of how it works and what options are available.

“A publisher won’t be able to grow their revenue if they rely only on what’s worked for them in the past,” says Adzerk CEO James Avery. “This white paper exposes publishers to how marketers think, so they can identify new ways to grow.”

The white paper is free, and is available for download at http://www2.adzerk.com/audience-targeting.

About Adzerk

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