Leftsnrights, Inc. Announces that its Liqwid Service is the First Ad Delivery Platform Compatible with Windows 8 “Touchable” Responsive Environment

LeftsnRights, Inc. announces that LIQWID®, its award-winning advertising delivery platform, is fully compatible with all devices running Windows 8. Liqwid technology delivers one responsive Liqwid ad unit to fit any ad size and location on any device.

Las Vegas, NV – LeftsnRights, Inc. announced today that its patent-pending advertising delivery platform is the first to offer full compatibility with the Windows 8 responsive environment. Liqwid technology delivers one responsive Liqwid ad unit to fit any ad size and location across mobile, tablets, desktop and any touchable Windows 8 OS devices.

”There are challenges and opportunities with the Windows 8 responsive content environment,” says Sarah Prater, Director of Business Development.

She points out that fixed ad sizes do not take full advantage of the features of Windows 8. With Liqwid services in the Windows 8 environment, any space on any screen can be utilized as a premium advertising inventory, even if the inventory is created when a user zooms in or out on a page or shifts content pages. According to numerous industry sources, more and more publishers are making the move to convert to responsive website designs and layouts.

“Responsive content demands a responsive ad format that adapts to fit any size on any screen,” says Prater. “We believe our Liqwid Ad Technology™ platform bridges the gap between old ad standards and the realities of new devices. Our Liqwid ads run on Windows 8 and are fully responsive to dynamically changing ad sizes and locations. Windows 8 brings new and premium advertising inventory within apps and responsive websites that will provide incremental revenue and opportunities to developers, publishers and advertisers. Only responsive ad units will be able to provide this value.”

“Liqwid ads are completely search engine friendly and since they are web pages that we can host, we have complete control,” says Carolyn Phillips, CEO Tahoe Social (http://www.tahoesocial.net). “We know that the same ad unit looks great on a laptop or on any mobile device. Liqwid ads put our advertisers ahead of the curve, on the cutting edge instead of riding the dinosaur.”

Liqwid technology uses HTML5 responsive functionality to make content – be it text, images, video, social media, games, e-commerce, or apps – completely reactive. Content fits into any dynamic or fixed space. The technology also offers flexibility so that one campaign can run a combination of Flash ads and HTML5 ads to all types of websites (fixed-width, responsive) as long as the content format is compatible with the viewing device.

Liqwid’s Viewer Directed Placement™ methodology also increases advertising management and effectiveness by adding TV-like scheduling and prime-time targeting capabilities. The technology also deploys local dayparting management so that ad deliveries are based on local ‘time of day’ and not server time.

Prater argues that such developments are important because they provide more accuracy than day parting that is reported according to the server’s time zone. “Advertisers have greater control over their campaigns and can see identify peak local prime-times when impressions, clicks, conversions and other actions occur according to the local time for each viewer who took any action,” she says.

“Recent awards recognize Liqwid technology is a disruptive agent in the current online advertising environment. Not only have we successfully implemented HTML5 responsiveness while retaining the use of Flash, but we’ve also sharpened the quality and effectiveness of content delivery while enhancing substantial revenue opportunities for publishers.”

The ability to use HTML5 means that publishers, agencies and advertisers have the freedom to design ad spaces and ad content with ultimate creativity, unbounded by standard sizes or fixed formats. Now responsive ads can run on responsive, mobile, and fixed-width sites. More important, HTML5 allows ads to be automatically indexed and ranked by search engines as standalone interactive content.

As the developer community expands development of HTML5, the company expects many new innovations that combine the benefits of HTML5 and Liqwid Ad Technology services.

Liqwid technology was recently nominated for the Edison Award for 2013. It had previously won the Utah Innovation Award in the category of Enterprise Software and Web-enabled B2B Solutions in 2011. The Selection Committee, comprised of seventy professionals from Utah’s business, technology and academic communities, made their final selections after a month-long evaluation process.


Nikolai Mentchoukov and Jim Rowan founded LeftsnRights, Inc. in 2010 and markets the Liqwid® advertising delivery platform. Liqwid technology scales art and media in Flash or HTML5. One responsive Liqwid ad will adapt to any ad size, location, device, operating system, and browser. The company also features innovations like Viewer-Directed Placement™ and local dayparting to enhance the accuracy of measurable deliverables and scheduling. The company has offices in Salt Lake City, UT and Nevada. For more information about Liqwid technology, visit http://www.liqwid.com/PR/HTML5-announce-2013-jan-01 or contact Sarah Prater at 800-870-5006 or sp(at)liqwid(dot)com. The company’s Twitter feed is @LiqwidAdTech (#liqwidads).