Evidon Releases Second Edition of its Global Tracker Report at IAB Leadership Meeting And Launches Evidon Insight Central

Second Global Tracker Report Confirms Dramatic Growth of Tracking Ecosystem and Proliferation of Tracker Redirect Chains
Evidon Insight Central™ is the Industry’s First Information Hub Focused Specifically on Analysis of the “Invisible Web” of Tracking Technology

NEW YORK – Evidon, the global leader in revealing the invisible web, – announced the availability of the second edition of its Global Tracker Report as the company launched a first-of-its-kind information hub covering tracking technology across more than 26 million websites. Evidon Insight Central becomes the home of all Evidon intelligence, including key tracking performance benchmarks, posts from the Global Tracker Report series, current and past issues of the Evidon Dispatch, the company’s longstanding, weekly privacy news wrap-up, its highly-trafficked blog, and more. To visit Evidon Insight Central and download a copy of the Global Tracker Report, go to: http://www.evidon.com/evidon-insight-central.

Advertising Age covered some key insights from this second edition of the Evidon Global Tracker Report last Monday. Key among these findings, the tracking ecosystem grew 53 percent in 2012. This dramatic growth illustrates how the data-gathering and targeting ecosystem of trackers enhances the businesses both of buyers and sellers online, as well as the web experiences of consumers.

Last June’s first edition of the Global Tracker Report showed that the top five most prolific trackers during the first quarter of 2012 were Google Analytics, Google AdSense, Facebook Social Plugins, Google +1 and Facebook Connect. This second edition finds Google Analytics still at the top of the tracking food chain, but with Facebook Connect now at #2, followed by Google AdSense, Facebook Like Button, and Google +1.

Equally interesting, and potentially more concerning to publishers and consumers, is the news that more than half of tracking technologies across the web, 55 percent, arrive on sites via other trackers. Unknown and/or excessive tracking code can slow down page loads and foster undisclosed consumer data collection.

“With the rapid emergence of new technologies and the continued evolution of established tracking services, it is increasingly difficult to stay informed of just how far the tracking tag chain can reach,” said Meyer. “As the company dedicated to revealing the invisible web, we’re tremendously excited about the value Evidon Insight Central and the Global Tracker Report will bring to this ecosystem.”

Looking beyond this current edition of the Global Tracker Report, upcoming posts on Evidon’s Insight Central will include:

Latency and Tracker Density (A study of the relationship between the number of trackers and slow site performance)
Competitive Sites Sharing Third Parties (an ongoing series)
Redirect Deep Dive (Understanding the tracker daisy chain)
Cost of Mobile Advertising to Users in Bandwidth Expense (How much consumers are paying to be tracked on their mobile devices)

To request a copy of the Evidon Global Tracker Report, visit: http://www.evidon.com/gtr

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