Marketers Generate Engagement on Mobile Platforms with Digital Rewards Promotions powered by the Ifeelgoods Technology

Retailers and marketers running mobile digital rewards promotional campaigns on iAds are generating clickthrough rates as much as 12x greater than standard discount offers.


Redwood City, CA – Ifeelgoods, Inc., the leading digital rewards promotion platform, is seeing strong results for mobile digital rewards promotions driving mobile purchase and customer acquisition campaigns.

Mobile commerce took off in the Q4 holiday shopping season, with IBM reporting that 24% of traffic to retail sites on Black Friday came from smartphones or tablets, up from 14.3% last year. The growth of mobile commerce will make mobile an increasingly important channel for digital marketing promotions as well.

Ifeelgoods is a leading provider of digital rewards promotions working with over 100 leading marketers and retailers including Walmart, Coca-Cola, Kimberly-Clark, and L’Oréal. For the brand marketers and retailers working with Ifeelgoods on mobile campaigns, they’ve experienced campaign CTRs between 10 to 12 times higher when using a digital rewards promotion compared to a standard discount offer. These higher clickthrough rates lead to stronger conversion rates as well as earned media, with 60% of customers sharing digital rewards offers to their networks.

To meet the growth in mobile marketing, Ifeelgoods enables marketers and retailers to run digital rewards promotions via mobile including:

  •                   SMS Registration promotions using digital rewards for customer acquisition
  •                   Mobile Advertising campaigns to drive purchases or app downloads with an instant win or digital rewards bundle offer
  •                   QR Code

With the Ifeelgoods digital rewards marketing technology, a mobile promotion can utilize digital rewards to drive purchases, referrals, SMS and email opt-ins, social media engagement, contest entries and other customer actions – via mobile, online or offline. For example, marketers can make a Mother’s Day digital marketing promotion more compelling by offering digital rewards from Facebook, Amazon, iTunes or Skype as a call-to-action to increase sales or improve customer acquisition.

“With more advertisers needing their campaigns to operate in a multi-channel environment, Ifeelgoods offers its full suite of digital rewards promotions via all mobile channels,” said Michael Amar, CEO and Co-Founder, Ifeelgoods. “When those same advertisers substitute a valuable digital reward that is relevant to the user in place of a standard discount promotion, CTR and conversion rates are substantially lifted. It’s clear to us that digital rewards promotions via mobile channels will see a growing share of the media mix.”

About Ifeelgoods
The leading digital promotions platform, Ifeelgoods helps marketers incent, convert and reward audiences with instant fulfillment of desirable gifts from Facebook, Amazon, iTunes and more as a reward for any trackable action – online, offline or mobile. Their more than 100 clients include Walmart, Coca-Cola, Universal Pictures,, Kimberly-Clark and AOL. Ifeelgoods is a hosted technology platform that manages digital rewards promotion offers, redemption, social sharing and customer service. The company is headquartered in Silicon Valley with locations in New York and Paris.