Federated Media Publishing Powers Third Largest Ad Network With Aerospike NoSQL Database

New case study explores how FMPN relies on Aerospike to handle ad impressions for 180 million unique monthly visitors in real-time

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. – Competing for attention on the content-saturated Web is no small task, particularly for independent publishers without the expansive resources of large media companies and major service platforms. Federated Media Publishing, which provides advertising services, audience analytics, and reader engagement tools to more than 145,000 sites, is helping to level the playing field. A new case study examines how the Federated Media Publisher Network (FMPN), ranked by comScore as the industry’s third largest ad network in the entire display advertising ecosystem, relies on the Aerospike NoSQL database to manage ad impressions for more than 180 million unique monthly visitors in real-time. The full Federated Media Publishing case study is available at: http://www.aerospike.com/why-aerospike/customers.

Federated Media Publishing powers ad delivery through a distributed architecture that connects demand-side platforms (DSPs), ad exchanges and ad networks in a real-time bidding (RTB) environment. Federated Media Publishing also guarantees brand safety for advertisers by looking at page-level context to ensure that ads are served on brand-safe pages, as well as providing targeting through page-level site categorization. Delivering on these functions in real-time is an integral part of the company’s focus on programmatic buying, which helps publishers and advertisers work more efficiently together by setting an agreed-upon price for biddable impressions in an auction-based scenario.

Federated Media Publishing Case Study

The new case study explores the technology factors and ad industry demands that led Federated Media Publishing to choose the Aerospike real-time NoSQL database and key-value store. It also reviews how Federated Media Publishing has deployed Aerospike clusters in its five hosted data centers to ensure business continuity and 100% uptime. Key benefits realized with Aerospike include:

  • Provides Web-scale key-value store for more than 180 million monthly ad impressions across 145,000 sites.
  • Predictably meets Federated Media Publishing’s need for sub-millisecond latency to ensure optimal ad-server performance.
  • Enables business continuity through a star topology for simultaneously replicating the same data to all five data centers.
  • Enables 100% uptime through automatic rebalancing and fault-tolerance, which ensure that there is no degradation to performance or availability.
  • Supports cost-effective use of industry-standard server hardware and a hybrid architecture combining the speed of RAM and reliability of flash via the native flash Aerospike database.

“Aerospike is a key piece of infrastructure in the middle of our ad delivery flow, so its performance and reliability have a dramatic impact on our business,” says Bill Marcum, vice president of engineering at Federated Media Publishing. “With sub-millisecond latency that ensures consistent ad-server latencies for driving impressions and ad calls, the Aerospike database has eliminated the need to worry about lost opportunities or unhappy customers.”

“As one of the industry’s largest ad networks, Federated Media Publishing understands that providing equal advertising opportunities to publishers of all sizes means delivering predictable real-time performance, 100% of the time,” said Srini V. Srinivasan, Aerospike founder and vice president of engineering and operations. “We are thrilled by Federated Media’s success in taking advantage of sub-millisecond speed, replication and self-managing architecture to ensure ultra-high performance and availability for its customers.”

About Federated Media Publishing

Federated Media Publishing powers the Independent Web. We believe that the majority of meaningful engagements across digital media occur via high-quality independent sites and services. These sites leverage top digital talent to attract influential audiences who together create meaningful dialogue. Brands benefit from improved loyalty and increased sales when they become part of this authentic experience. Learn more at www.federatedmedia.net.

About Aerospike

Aerospike, Inc. offers the only real-time NoSQL database and key-value store that delivers predictable high performance for mission-critical, Web-scale applications. Aerospike’s flash-optimized, shared-nothing architecture scales linearly, consistently processing over 500k transactions per second per node with sub-millisecond latency. With automatic fail-over, replication, and cross data center synchronization, the Aerospike database reliably stores billions of objects and terabytes of data—while providing 100% uptime and a 10x improvement in TCO over other NoSQL databases. Customers accelerating their business with Aerospike include adMarketplace, eXelate, Sony’s So-net, and The Trade Desk. For more information, visit www.Aerospike.com.