Retargetly Picks Aerospike In-Memory NoSQL Database to Speed Time to Market

Aerospike Powers Latin American Data Management Platform

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. – Aerospike, the world’s first flash-optimized database and the fastest database at scale, today announced that Retargetly, a Data Management Platform (DMP) company headquartered in Buenos Aires, Argentina, has picked the Aerospike In-Memory NoSQL Key Value Store to power the user profile store for its fast growing business.

Our reputation depends heavily on how fast we can help our customers collect, analyze and act on data with non-stop availability

“Our reputation depends heavily on how fast we can help our customers collect, analyze and act on data with non-stop availability,” said Federico Nieves, CTO, Retargetly. “Since Aerospike already powers many major data management platforms, it was the obvious choice for us. With Aerospike, we can meet our stringent speed requirements and its flash based architecture lets us scale on small clusters.”

With ambitious plans to become the largest DMP in Latin America, Retargetly needed a next-generation database that could help it build and scale its platform quickly to handle terabytes of data without sacrificing performance. The company had started with a first generation NoSQL database, but switched to Aerospike to manage rapidly growing volumes of clickstream data, analyze the latest customer behavior and make the most accurate targeting decisions within milliseconds.

“Retargetly is rapidly growing its DMP business in Latin America by helping marketers maximize their ROI with the right message in front of the right audience,” said Monica Pal, CMO, Aerospike. “We’re excited to work with innovative companies like Retargetly and help them build and quickly scale both their infrastructure and the bottom line.”

Aerospike’s highly parallelized architecture with multi-threaded, multi-core, auto-clustering, auto-sharding and auto-rebalancing capabilities makes it possible for developers to focus on building real-time big data driven applications that drive revenue and frees them from having to handle the costs and complexities of scaling. In fact, 13 of the top 26 ad platforms have scaled their business using Aerospike.

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About Aerospike

Aerospike is the world’s fastest database – the system of engagement – powering a new class of real-time, context-driven applications that personalize the consumer experience across the Internet. Developers use Aerospike, an open-source, flash-optimized, in-memory NoSQL key-value store for caching, as a user profile or context store, and to simplify scaling with smaller clusters and the price/performance of flash. Recognized by industry analysts as a visionary and leader, Aerospike powers 13 of the top 26 real-time bidding platforms including AppNexus and developers are rapidly taking advantage of the Startup Special to scale their business. Download the open source Aerospike Community Edition at and follow @aerospikedb.

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About Retargetly

Retargetly makes Big Data actionable for marketers: know who your customers are based on 1st & 3rd party data and take action by creating target audiences that you can reach through multiple ad networks and exchanges. Based in Buenos Aires, Retargetly provides a premier Data Management Platform (DMP) and Data Marketplace with deep insights into the Latin American Market. Learn how Retargetly’s DMP works at, and follow @Retargetly.