ViMAP Realizes 150 Percent Bottom Line Increase with MassiveImpact’s Freemium Exchange for Publishers

Dramatic Increase Driven by Elimination of Ad Serving Commission Fees and New Platform’s Unique Mobile Ad Serving Technique

TEL AVIV, Israel – MassiveImpact, a leader in performance mobile advertising, released its results with ViMAP, a leading mobile business-application developer and publisher.

ViMAP recently implemented MassiveImpact’s Freemium Exchange Model for mobile publishers, which is free of ad serving or exchange commission fees. The new model further increases publisher earnings by connecting them to a new segment known as performance advertisers.

MassiveImpact’s Freemium Exchange generated a bottom line monetization increase of 150 percent for ViMAP when compared to two alternate media channels ViMAP had been previously using. In addition, MassiveImpact’s Freemium Exchange model dramatically boosted ViMAP’s eCPM (used to measure the effective value of a publisher’s ad space).

“The gains with MassiveImpact were due to their ability to serve ads to our mobile apps that were relevant to our audience base; in addition to eliminating our commission fees and guaranteeing fill rate for ad placement,” said Vijay Kumar, ViMAP’s Founder and MD. “When pitted against competing solutions in the marketplace, MassiveImpact simply delivered unmatched results.”

“This is a publisher-centric approach to mobile ad serving,” said Sephi Shapira, MassiveImpact’s Founder and CEO. “We match advertiser offers with a publisher’s specific visitors, based on the user’s mobile behavior and purchase history, a technology called Real Time Performance. As we have shown with ViMAP, this personalized ad serving technique drives up a publisher’s traffic value, delivering unprecedented results.”

MassiveImpact currently works with hundreds of top global gaming, m-commerce, financial, insurance and entertainment brands to create and deliver tailor-made mobile ad campaigns, addressing advertiser’s specific needs, in virtually any market around the world. Its performance mobile advertising offering incorporates a technology that tracks user activity beyond the click on a banner, which is the industry’s current standard practice. MassiveImpact’s advertisers gain a full insight into a user’s activity along the lifetime of the product and then carries the data over to their mobile advertising campaigns.

MassiveImpact is the only mobile marketing platform that guarantees an ROI on mobile ad budgets. Advertisers pay only when a predefined goal is fulfilled: an online purchase, app install or in-app purchase; allowing mobile advertisers to plan out their marketing budget, with a pre-set definition of expected results.

The new Freemium Exchange is now available to qualified global publishers who own a mobile traffic sources, whether it is a mobile site or an application.

About MassiveImpact

With five operational sites across the globe and reaching more than 1 billion mobile internet users from 190 countries, MassiveImpact is the leader in performance mobile advertising. The company’s flagship product is TargetAdLive®, a real-time propriety technology that guarantees advertiser return on investment and maximizes traffic monetization for publishers. MassiveImpact is backed by strategic investors in the mobile space, including: SoftBank, SingTel, and Gemini. To learn more about MassiveImpact, visit

About ViMAP

Founded in 2010, ViMAP Services provides quality mobile applications over all the mobile OS such as J2ME, Android, iOS, WP, etc. and services to the IT, Telecommunication and Software Development sector. ViMAP specializes in customized solutions for any business or industry. ViMAP has acquired millions of users for its mobile games and applications worldwide in less than a year. The company features the latest in affordable, best-of-the-breed and maintenance free technology. For more information, visit